Two Useful Algae-based 'Environmental Remediation Reports in One Pack

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You can now purchase two acclaimed and useful industry reports for algae-based environmental remediation, the Algae-based CO2 Capture Report and the Algae-based Waste Water Treatment Report. And save $500.

About These Reports

Algae-based CO2 Capture Report

Thousands of CO2 emitting power plants and industries face a costly problem - reduce their CO2 emissions or pay penalties.

  • What if these companies and power plants could use algae to absorb the CO2 and generate biofuels in return?
  • This is precisely what companies and power plants around the world are beginning to explore.
  • This comprehensive report will provide you with rich and practical insights and data for you to start quickly working on this domain either as a researcher or as an industry.

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Algae-based Waste Water Treatment Report

The most detailed and comprehensive guide for treating industrial and municipal wastewater using algae. The report provides comprehensive inputs and insights on:

  • Current status and technologies used in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment
  • Processes and technologies involved in algae-based wastewater treatment
  • Case studies of industries using algae for wastewater treatment

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What are the benefits if you purchase these reports as a bundle?

  • Apart from the fact, you have two very useful reports, purchasing these two reports together will save you $500.
  • Yes. Each of the two reports costs US$1000. If you purchase both reports together, you need to pay only $1500, thus a saving of $500.

How can you purchase these reports as a bundle?

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Report Price
Algae based CO2 capture Report $1000
Algae based waste water treatment Report $1000
Bundle Offer $1500
Save $500

The Bundle Offer costs USD $1500.

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