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Algae to Chemical and Biofuel technology - Inventure - http://www.inventurechem.com/algae_to_chemical_and_biofuel_conversion_technology.html
The technology can generate the following compounds from algae: biodiesel, green diesel, ethanol, lactic acid, urethane intermediates, organic acids, 1,3 propanediol and other chemical intermediates.
Bionavitas - http://www.bionavitas.com/
Bionavitas, a Redmond-based company, aims to create a cost effective algae solution to address the pending global energy crisis and provide products which help people live healthy lives. Bionavitas’ technology meets the biofuels’ needs of large scale algal growth, by distributing the photons throughout the biomass. Their patent pending technology also enables the growth of high-density, high-quality algae for nutraceutical & health markets
Blue Marble energy - http://bluemarbleenergy.net/
Blue Marble Energy (BME) is a Seattle-based company that generates biochemical and bioenergy products from diverse waste biomass feedstocks. The company’s mission is to displace petroleum products with carbon-neutral, renewable substitutes. Blue Marble Energy Corp. will produce its biochemicals using a supply of microalgae from algae producer Bionavitas

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