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Genereal Manager - www.restoil.sk
My name is Peter Cmar from Slovakia and I am looking for supplier of waste wegetable oil. I want to buy min 24tons and then I want buy monthly 100-300mt. Payment is L/C. I am looking for rape oil.
Can you send to me your price per ton on
a) waste oil (prepare BIODIESEL)
b) rape oil (prepare BIODIESEL)

my phone number is +421 742 885
best regards
Peter Cmar

PS:website is making new
Valcent Products - http://www.valcent.net/
Valcent Products, a New York-based company is developing algae cultivation technology to provide renewable, sustainable and economic bio-fuel feed stocks for the production of ethanol, biodiesel, and jet fuel. Valcent’s new bio-reactor is tailored to grow a species of algae that yields a large volume of high grade vegetable oil, which is very suitable for blending with diesel to create a bio-diesel fuel
LiveFuels - http://www.livefuels.com
LiveFuels is a San Carlos based company is a mini-manhattan project with a national alliance of labs and scientists dedicated to transforming algae into biocrude by the year 2010. LiveFuels Inc. and Sandia National Laboratories have joined together for algae Biodiesel research
Kai BioEnergy Corp. - http://www.kaibioenergy.com/
Kai BioEnergy Corp., San Diego, is an alternative biofuel company competitively positioned to become a leading large scale commercial producer of economical biodiesel crude oil from micro-algae biomass. KAI holds commercially proven, patented, and proprietary technology to economically produce high yields of micro-algae crude oil in a cost efficient open reactor and continuous production system
CEHMM - http://www.cehmm.org/
Center of Excellence for Hazardous Materials Management was established in May of 2004 has created a range of cutting edge applied research programs including developing technology for using algae as a feedstock for biodiesel. CEHMM uses a proprietary technology that involves membranes to create a very concentrated mixture of water and algae for biodiesel
Enhanced Biofuels & Technologies (EBT) - http://www.ebtplc.com
Enhanced Biofuels & Technologies India (P) Ltd. is in the field of biofuel production using non-edible sources of feed stock like jatropha and algae. The EBT algae process combines a bioreactor with an open pond, both using waste CO2 from coal-fired power plant flue gases as a fertilizer for the algae. The biodiesel and ethanol produced can be sold, or used as an alternative fuel
Aurora BioFuels - http://www.aurorabiofuels.com
Aurora BioFuels, Inc. is a renewable energy company exploring new sources of feedstock for the production of biofuels. In particular, Aurora utilizes microalgae to generate bio-oil, which can be converted into biodiesel. Aurora Biofuels has unveiled a new management structure to speed the commercialization of its algal biofuels
Solazyme - http://www.solazyme.com/
Solazyme is a synthetic biology company that unleashes the power of marine microbes to create clean and scalable solutions for the renewable energy, industrial chemical, and specialty ingredient markets. The company has developed a new way to convert biomass into fuel using algae, and the method could lead to less expensive biofuels
GreenShift - http://www.greenshift.com/
GreenShift is a New York-based company that develops and implements clean technologies designed to integrate into and leverage established production infrastructure and distribution channels to address the financial and environmental needs of the clients. The company demonstrates the production of algae from an industrial source of carbon dioxide in Montana using GreenShift's patented and patent-pending bioreactor technology. GreenShift's bioreactor technology uses thermophillic cyanobacteria to consume carbon dioxide emissions
Solix Biofuels - http://www.solixbiofuels.com/
Solix Biofuels is a direct intellectual descendant of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Aquatic Species Program started in 1978 to explore ways to produce biodiesel from algae. The company is a developer of massively scalable photobioreactors for the production of biodiesel and other valuable bio-commodities from algae oil. Its closed photo-bioreactors allow fossil-fuel power plant exhaust to be captured through the growing system
AquaFlow Bionomic - http://www.aquaflowgroup.com/
A New Zealand-based company, Aquaflow, has set itself the objective to be the first company in the world to economically produce biofuel from wild algae harvested from open-air environments and to market it. ABC is focussed on advanced technologies for biofuel production other than traditional methods producing methyl ester biodiesel
GlobeCore - http://www.enbiodiesel.com
Globecore designs and manufactures equipment for continuous production of biodiesel, utilizing the most advanced technologies and energy saving solutions available to the commercial scale biodiesel production industry.
UK Biodiesel Processor Manufacturer and Fuel Supplier - http://www.biodiesel-fuel.co.uk
UK Biodiesel Processor Manufacturer and Fuel Supplier are a UK manufacturer and can supply high quality biodiesel processors, processing equipment and anciliary kit built to your requirements; our processors can produce biofuel in 150, 300, 450, 600, 1000 or 2000 litre batches. Our unique production plant can process 8000 litres of biofuel in 8 hours. Prices start from £1,299.00 for our 90 litre processor; on site installation and training also available.
Biofuel Systems Group Limited - http://www.biofuelsystems.com
Biofuel Systems was formed with the aim of bringing biofuels into the mainstream. Their core business is providing specialist biodiesel supplies.They design and build complete biodiesel processing systems - always manufactured to meet the highest safety requirements such as ATEX and capable of producing biodiesel to meet all recognised standards including EN14214 / ASTM 6751.

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