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Because of the design claims of your patent pending photo bioreactor and algae propagation technology, no horizontal or vertical system will compare in projected energy efficiency and volume per acre by harvesting external light.
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Circle Biodiesel & Ethanol Corporation - http://www.circlebio.com/
Circle Biodiesel & Ethanol Corporation develops technology and manufactures equipment for the biofuel industry. The company has developed algae biodiesel production and algae oil harvesting systems and equipment that properly function for growing algae and harvesting the algae in a very efficient manner for use in algae biofuels such as biodiesel from algae and algae ethanol.
Solix Biofuels - http://www.solixbiofuels.com/
Solix Biofuels is a direct intellectual descendant of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Aquatic Species Program. The company is a developer of the AGSTM Technology which is a photo-bioreactor that houses closed-growth chambers that support the monoculture growth of microalgae in commercial application.
BB-DIESEL - http://www.bb-diesel.com/#
BB-DIESEL is an innovative biodiesel equipments manufacturer company with a highly qualified R&D department. The company supplies low maintenance centrifuges that are ideal for glycerine separation and water wash process. The company also supplies bench, pilot and production photobioreactors for growing algae
Laboratory Glass Apparatus - http://www.laboratoryglassapparatus.com/
Laboratory Glass Apparatus was founded in 1965 to provide custom glass blowing services to chemists, scientists and researchers in the various fields of science. The company supplies lab-scale photobioreactors to grow algae. The algae photobioreactor includes 20 LB CO2 tank, regulator, oil-free air pump and pH meter.
Bioneer Greenenergy - http://www.bioneerenergy.com/
Bioneer Greenenergy is one of the eminent manufacturers and exporters of waste management waste to energy converter product, commercial algae photo bioreactor and commercial bio-diesel production plant. The photobioreactor is designed to meet the purpose of producing fuel which is an eco-friendly alternative of petroleum-based fuels and is widely used in research and developmental work.
70centsagallon - http://www.70centsagallon.com/
The Florida-based Company provides effective solutions for the Renewable Energy Industry. The company will design, construct and start up commercial algae farming systems including photobioreactors and centrifuges, commercial biofuel production facilities and electrical grid power generation systems.
Bodega Algae LLC - http://www.bodegaalgae.com/
Bodega Algae, LLC, (Bodega) is a developer of scalable algae photobioreactors. The closed continuous-flow reactors produce high-energy algal biomass for use in the production of biofuel. The reactor uses nutrients readily drawn from a variety of waste streams. Sources for nutrients include wastewater from domestic sewage, municipal water treatment plants or flue gases from industrial plants.
Diversified Energy Corporation (DEC) - http://www.diversified-energy.com
Diversified Energy Corporation is a privately held company specializing in the advancement of a series of promising alternative and renewable energy technologies. The DEC Simgae™ system is an agriculture-based solution to large-scale algal biomass production that has the benefits of both open and closed systems. Simgae™ (for simple algae) offers a low cost and simple approach to growing algae at large scale.
AlgaeLink - http://www.algaelink.com/
AlgaeLink is Dutch Company that designs and manufactures algae growing equipment. The company has introduced the world's first high-efficiency, cost effective, demo plant and industrial photo-bioreactor for controlled, large-scale production of micro algae. The commercial scale algae cultivation plant is a complete production plant with basic filters for harvesting.
Product Applications Manager - www.lachatinstruments.com
Lachat Instruments is a leading provider of Flow Injection Analysis equipment. Lachat has many nutrient methods, covering ranges from sub-ppb to tens of ppm levels.

Our methods for brackish and seawater can be used over the range of 0-35 ppt salinity with no matrix matching! The instrument is calibrated with DI standards, and uses a DI carrier.

Typical throughput is 60/hour on up to 5 channels (for 300/hour total), regardless of the number of required reagents.

Lachat Instrument also does custom method development.
Phyta-Platform Photobioreactor - http://www.culturingsolutions.com/
The Phyta-Platform Photobioreactor offers superior control over the inputs of photosynthetic reactions in micro algae.

The Phyta-Platform tubular Photobioreactor has the most rigid frame available on to days market. The frame itself is able to withstand a 130 M.P.H. wind load. All construction is made of high grade 316 Stainless Steel and heavy duty aluminum. The photo tubes can be made from food grade Poly carbonate, PVC that has a UV inhibitors (for outdoor applications) and Glass. All units come complete with automated Control Panel, Harvesting, Self Cleaning Mechanism, Tank, Pump, 4 sensors (pH, ORP, DO, Conductivity), Platform, and full version software.
Sartorius Stedim Biotech - http://www.sartorius-stedim.com/
Sartorius Stedim Biotech is a leading provider of cutting-edge equipment and services for the development, quality assurance and production processes of the biopharmaceutical industry. Its integrated solutions covering fermentation, filtration, purification, fluid management and lab technologies are supporting the biopharmaceutical industry around the world to develop and produce drugs safely, timely and economically. For next generation processes, Sartorius Stedim Biotech focuses on single-use technologies and value-added services to meet the rapidly changing technology requirements of the industry it serves.

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RWE Photobioreactor - http://www.rwenergies.com/
RWE’s revolutionary large scale bioreactor, the RWE Photobioreactor, is a patent pending bioreactor consists of three primary components: a vertical pond, automated process control equipment, and harvesting equipment. . The entire process is controlled via a computerized system with proprietary software and a proprietary hardware configuration while an “Operator Interface” touch screen provides the operator with diagnostics and total control of the process. This graphic interface resides on computers located in the dedicated electrical/operator building per each 10 acres of algae farms. The electrical/operator building houses the electrical equipment to power the algae pumps, instruments, and heating/cooling system, as well as a computer with display allowing us to operate and account for trend/historical information including temperature, pH, and control information.

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