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Energymicrolgae - http://www.energymicrolgae.com

Energymicrolgae,Kerala based company in India developed a cost effective open pond algae oil production technology. Our ACCaS(Atmospheric Carbon Capture Stimulation) technology enables algae farming in remote areas where there is no CO2 source. We undertake commercial open pond saline water algae oil projects and license our technology.
Primo Aquaculture - http://www.primo.net.au
Primo Aquaculture is the Australasian representative of INVE Aquaculture, one of the worlds' largest ARTEMIA harvester and specialty hatchery feeds producer - with operations in 36 countries. Primo Aquaculture supplies CHENTA paddlewheel aerators and now has over 4000 paddlewheel aerators working across Australia.
Pioneer A.E. Company Limited - http://www.pioneer-tw.com/
Pioneer A.E. Company Limited has been established in the southern part of Taiwan since 1999 with it’s headquarter located in Kaohsiung. The company supplies high efficiency paddlewheel aerator that is cost effective and high in quality, durability, performance.
PetroAlgae - http://www.petroalgae.com/
PetroAlgae, a Florida-based leading renewable energy company, licenses a commercial micro-crop technology system that enables the production of green diesel and a high-value protein food source in an environmentally beneficial manner. PetroAlgae is growing specially-bred fast-growing algae in large ponds which are dried to powder so that the oil can be extracted for other uses.
Cyanotech Corporation - http://www.cyanotech.com/
Cyanotech develops and commercializes natural products from microalgae. The Company is currently producing microalgae products for the nutritional supplement market in addition to microalgae-based products and food coloring markets. Spirulina Pacifica is a specially bred strain of the edible microalgae Spirulina platensis. It is cultured in shallow, open ponds adjacent to the Pacific Ocean.
Aquatic Energy LLC - http://www.aquaticenergy.com/
Aquatic Energy, LLC formed in 2006 pursues the vision of commercializing algae technology in the Gulf Coast of the United States that produces more oil and meal on a single hectare than any other traditional crop. Aquatic Energy has developed disruptive algae technology collaboration with its university and industry partners which has created the scientific breakthroughs in algal culturing that allows for low cost open pond production.
President - http://www.nakaointl.com
The company manufactures energy efficient oxygen, carbon dioxyde, and other gas "aeration" into water, The aerator generates Micro-Nano bubbles can be easily absorbed in water as feed to algae.

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Waterwheel Factory, Inc. - http://www.biopondpaddlewheel.com/index.html
Waterwheel Factory, Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers of waterwheels.They have developed a patent pending curved blade algae paddlewheel. Using the toughest structural fiberglass material being made today, they have begun manufacturing algae pond paddlewheels capable of handling the harsh outdoor salt environment needed for the best growth algae strands.

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