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Greenhouses can be modified to produce algae all year round. The surface area limitation which applies to ponds could be overcome in a greenhouse by adding a third layer of plastic inside the other two layers over which the pond water could flow in a thin enough film that it would receive enough solar radiation to grow algae. This should allow the SolaroofTM greenhouse to produce more algae than the surface area of a normal pond would. This mechanism for exposing the pond water to sunlight is similar to that employed by GreenFuel Technologies.
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Lachat Instruments is a leading provider of Flow Injection Analysis equipment. Lachat has many nutrient methods, covering ranges from sub-ppb to tens of ppm levels.

Our methods for brackish and seawater can be used over the range of 0-35 ppt salinity with no matrix matching! The instrument is calibrated with DI standards, and uses a DI carrier.

Typical throughput is 60/hour on up to 5 channels (for 300/hour total), regardless of the number of required reagents.

Lachat Instrument also does custom method development.

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