Soy-Based Lubricants Smear The Way For Bio-Based Prospect

Soy-Based Lubricants Smear The Way For Bio-Based Prospect

Postby Jblake » Fri Nov 28, 2008 6:13 pm

Bio-based alternatives have increased, growing in volume as private industries and government agencies converse the opportunities and the challenges. Development of innovative uses for soy products and processes continues. With national attention more focused on self-reliance and strategic interests, momentum has increased for more concerted effort by federal agencies to incorporate bio-energy and bio-based products within the federal government's sphere.

From a historical perception, bio-based products have been in the general marketplace for quite some time.

Distributors should consider adding a line of bio-based products to their inventory. Not only will they help local economies, but they'll also offer an alternative for those customers who wish to increase their Green product usage.

The demand for Green products in the marketplace is rising; bio-based products are quickly filling a niche area. Soy products have really been gaining more mainstream recognition. Much of that has to do with the broader range of products that have been offered such as graffiti removers, paint removers and heavy degreasers. Of particular interest are wood preservative/creosote substitutes and metalworking fluids.

Currently used in core janitorial applications such as schools, nursing homes, hospitals and governmental related facilities, bio-based products are being used more often and the driving factors behind the usage are numerous.

It is successfully continuing to be established that soy industrial products as viable contenders, and that the movement towards bio-based replacement products is just beginning.

RichCatt strives to represent and support the premier manufacturers of environmentally sound products focused on soybean oil based lubricants and soy based products.

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