Methane and Nitrous Oxide from Lakes and rivers

Using algae to sequester CO2 from power plants and other CO2 emitting industries

Methane and Nitrous Oxide from Lakes and rivers

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Polluted (Eutrophic) lakes and rivers emit Methane and Nitrous Oxide due to anoxic conditions.

A couple of recent reports about these are - ... 122010.php

Lakes a big source of climate-warming gas: study

"Lakes and rivers emit far more of a powerful greenhouse gas than
previously thought, counteracting the overall role of nature in
soaking up climate-warming gases, a study showed on Thursday."

A review of 474 freshwater systems indicated they emitted methane
equivalent to 25 percent of all carbon dioxide -- the main greenhouse
gas blamed for stoking climate change -- absorbed by the world's land
areas every year."

New study focuses on nitrogen in waterways as cause of nitrous oxide
in the atmosphere ... 122010.php

"Jake Beaulieu, a postdoctoral researcher the Environmental Protection
Agency in Cincinnati, Ohio, who earned his doctorate at the University
of Notre Dame, and Jennifer Tank, Galla Professor of Biological
Sciences at the University, are lead authors of new paper
demonstrating that streams and rivers receiving nitrogen inputs from
urban and agricultural land uses are a significant source of nitrous
oxide to the atmosphere."
The new study reports that streams and river networks are the source
of at least 10 percent of human-caused nitrous oxide emission to the
atmosphere worldwide, which is three times the amount estimated by an
earlier report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

These studies are interesting, especially when there is also news of
increase in the number of Dead Zones in coastal waters.
It can be summed up that Eutrophic waterbodies are a major source of

Diatom algae can be used to prevent eutrophication and thus reduce CO2, CH4 and N2O emissions from eutrophic lakes.

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Oilgae does not guarantee the safety or suitability of links posted in forum messages
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