Algae Biomass Summit 2011- October 25-27, Minneapolis MN

Algae Biomass Summit 2011- October 25-27, Minneapolis MN

Postby cacofonix » Sun May 22, 2011 1:15 pm

The 2011 Algae Biomass Summit will be held October 25-27, 2011, in Minneapolis, MN. Prior Summits have attracted around 700 participants, from all segments of this industry, research and finance. Abstracts (300 words) for oral or poster presentations are due by May 30, 2011.

See for details on abstract submission and the Summit.

All subjects of relevance to algal biomass technologies, both for macro- and micro-algae, will be considered.

Suggested Topics:
B1. Algal ecology, bioprospecting, strain isolation, screening, selection, and culture collections
B2. Genetic systems and improving and modifying algae for product formation
B3. Adaptation and selection for growth in different climatic environments and water resources
B4. Developing resistance to grazers, invasions by weed algae, fungal infections and the like
B5. Cultivation in different types of production systems, open ponds, photobioreactors, etc.
B6. Carbon partitioning: physiological regulation of oil, protein and carbohydrate yields

E1. Autotrophy/mixotrophy/heterotrophy: Matching biology and engineering
E2. Wastewater treatment and nutrient recovery processes, water management
E3. Cultivation systems: open ponds, covered ponds, photobioreactors, hybrid systems, etc.
E4. Harvesting, dewatering, extraction, secretion, milking, recovery of oils and other biofuels
E5. Conversion of biomass to products including feeds and fuel
E6. Techno-economic, LCA, biorefinery and sustainability models for industrial scaling
E7. Supply of CO2 and carbon management
E8. Improving biomass accumulation: lipid/hydrocarbon/protein content

C1. Commodity products: biofuels, animal feeds, fertilizers, bioplastics
C2. Specialty products: foods, hydrocolloids, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, chemicals
C3. Wastewater treatment, bioremediation of nutrients, heavy metals and toxins
C4. Aquaculture production systems

P1. Commercial project financing - getting beyond pilot stage- equity, loans, etc.
P2. Risk identification: regulatory, tax, permitting, public policy
P3. Developing project agreements: off-takes, revenue and supply agreements
P4. Influencing policy, national, state, and local, to move the industry forward
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Re: Algae Biomass Summit 2011- October 25-27, Minneapolis MN

Postby DR Johansen » Tue May 24, 2011 11:39 pm

Yet again, all the topics seem to be geared toward FARMING rather than ranching. Where are the papers about open ocean / algea bloom harvesting?
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