Vote for the Lowest cost open pond design

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Vote for the Lowest cost open pond design

Postby dlh3 » Fri Feb 04, 2011 6:34 pm

I'd like to know everyone's opinion on the lowest cost (gallon to gallon per acre) design of open ponds for algae cultivation. Criteria:
    Area: minimum 100 hectares (250 acres)
    Commercial production - not pilot. Hence, must have ability to transfer millions of gallons from cultivation to harvesting and recycle.
    Scalable.... Can go from 10 acres to 200 acres easy
[*]good for all year weather in warm to hot places (lets assume most big companies are going to cultivate algae in hot places not snowy places)
[*]ability to integrate hybrid design (for eg., with PBR for accelerating growth, night time illumination, optically enhanced, etc.)

Lets list the most popular ones (if its expensive, it may not belong to this list):
1. Open Raceway ponds:
Pros: Most commonly tried design, good circulation of water
through paddle wheels, good capacity.
Cons: Not as easy to set up as supertrough or pods, as it
requires some construction.

2. Super Trough (XL, Phyco bioscience):
Pros: Very fast and easy to set up with a custom designed dozer. Good aeration through central airflow tube.
Cons: Not as good in covering maximum ground area as some others.

3. Open Pods (
Pros: Easiest to set up. Lowest cost to set up. Maximum ground area covered.
Cons: Aeration/Circulation (?)

4. Bladder Bags ( - not really open pond but meets most of the criteria, particularly since its cheap!
Pros: No construction required, its like an inflatable pool. Scalable. Protection from parasites. Very fast deployment.
Cons: Maintenance over a long period???

If you'd like me to add more designs, please let me know so we can have feedback on all.

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