Economics of using algea to power heating systems at home

Costs for algaculture, harvesting, extraction and conversion to fuel

Economics of using algea to power heating systems at home

Postby oreolvrs » Tue Aug 24, 2010 4:32 am

I live in Ireland and am wondering would it be ideal to use algea as a means of heating my home that we are building at the moment.My family owns two conveinience stores(in our county) and we live in a ruarl area with lots of farmers where one of the conveiniece stores is.I was considering growing algea to power the heater and we could earn back the costs as profits by selling the excess as vegetable oil in ourshop as well as selling it as an organic fertiliser and cattle feed to local farmers(as well as biofuel to those that use biofuel powered machinery).Would it be more realiable and economically feasible than relying on buying woodchips and if so where can I purchase the most effective strains for this?

Also we also lease the land surrounding where we are builing the house to other local farmers to allow their animals to graze so if we used the feaces and urine of the sheep,cattle(or even as a longshot our own waste) as a cheaper growth medium for the algea would that cut down costs and would this be safe or we better off buying complex nutirients from a supplier?
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