Algae World 2009 - Rotterdam

Algae World 2009 - Rotterdam

Postby Mak » Mon Feb 09, 2009 5:05 pm

Algae World 2009 ,27-28 Apr, 2009 - Rotterdam

"Maximising the Profit Potentials of Algae through Efficient Value Chain"

• Viable business model for mass algae production
• Techno-economic review of algae for Carbon Sequestration and Waste Water Treatment
• Capabilities and limitations of Open System vs. Closed System
• Strain improvements and breakthroughs in genetic engineering
• Full utilization of algae's potential - applications, markets and technology of converting to transportation fuels, power, chemicals, animal feed, fertilizer
• Downstream processing advancements - harvesting, dewatering, extraction, lipid and starch processing and upgrading.
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