Algae biomass methane

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Postby pmanske » Tue Sep 07, 2010 3:11 am

The attachment/scientific paper mentioned in my post is very good, but oilgae says no .pdf's. Contact me if you want to see it.
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Re: Algae biomass methane

Postby mboncz » Wed Feb 23, 2011 8:37 pm

I think it should be viable, made some calulations on this. Also, there is a Belgian prof. (Verstraete) who recently gave a lecture on this, including cost calculations.
The idea is to make a cycle: cultivate algae, flotate them, feed the concentrate to a biodigestor, capture the methane and run a turbine with this, and recycle the digestate (rich in nutrients) to the algae cultivation tank.

He makes several comments on options to make the process more worthwhile:
- pass the biogas through the algae culture to enrich the algae culture with CO2 and enrich the biogas with methane (as it will lose CO2)
- apply flotation to concentrate the algae dry matter to about 30 g dry matter per liter. The residual heat of the generator may be used in this case to increase digestor temperature by 10 C, improving its efficiency. Running the digestor with increased dry matter content in the feed reduces the volume of water that needs to be heated; above about 5 g dry matter/liter this becomes viable.
- run in a developing country to make the project eligible for receiving carbon credits

Will be testing a similar setup here soon...
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