Algae Pigments in Cosmetics

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Algae Pigments in Cosmetics

Postby cacofonix » Thu Feb 05, 2009 7:05 am

This was really interesting:

"Algae could produce iridescent colour effects for cosmetics
By Katie Bird, 04-Oct-2007 - Cosmetic Design - see source page here

The farming of an algae species could represent a cheap and green method to produce iridescent pigment for cosmetics and packaging, according to a new study.

Iridescent effects are used widely in colour cosmetics products, as well as cosmetics and personal care packaging, as manufacturers attempt to grab the attention of the consumer.

Currently the manufacture of consumer products with iridescent effects is expensive and energy intensive, however scientists from the University of Oxford and the Natural History Museum in London claim to have found a way of creating a similar effect that is cheaper and greener.

Scientists led by Professor Andrew Parker of the University of Oxford, UK, have investigated the possibilities of farming the diatom as a cheap, green way of producing iridescent effects. The process involves taking a diatom and immersing it into a cell culture medium that encourages cell growth. Furthermore, the culture medium can be altered in order to modify the properties of the iridescent properties of the shell."

Sounds really interesting
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