Alt energy - winners and losers

Alt energy - winners and losers

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Top 5 Gainers

China Sunergy CO., Ltd. ADS (MM) NASDAQ:CSUN Solar 0.00%

* China Sunergy Announces Financial Results for the Second Quarter 2008
Fri, 22 Aug 2008 10:32:51 GMT
* Ahead of the Bell: China Sunergy upgraded
Mon, 25 Aug 2008 12:40:46 GMT
* Premarket roundup: China Sunergy, Dollar Tree
Mon, 25 Aug 2008 14:01:29 GMT

Centrotherm Photovolt. XE:CTN Solar 0.00%

* centrotherm photovoltaics acquires solar silicon specialist SolMic
Fri, 22 Aug 2008 16:09:29 GMT
* Neo Solar, Centrotherm team to improve solar cell efficiency
Sun, 24 Aug 2008 17:03:52 GMT
* Largest integrated solar complex set up
Thu, 21 Aug 2008 19:55:34 GMT

Chofu Seisakusho Co.,Ltd. JSX:5946 Solar 0.00%

* Chofu Seisakusho Co Ltd (5946.T) completely dumped by Japanese ...
Sat, 09 Aug 2008 14:10:58 GMT

Conergy AG O.N. XE:CGY Solar 0.00%

* Conergy, Daimler, Norddeutsche, and RWE: German Equity Preview
Fri, 29 Aug 2008 06:39:19 GMT
* Conergy May Sell Factory, Focus on Service Business, Welt Says
Fri, 29 Aug 2008 05:37:49 GMT
* Saft, Conergy and Tenesol Launch SOLION, Europe's Largest ...
Thu, 28 Aug 2008 10:05:24 GMT

Daystar Technologies (MM) NASDAQ:DSTI Solar 0.00%

* Daystar Financial Group Names Alex O'Donnell Senior Vice President
Tue, 19 Aug 2008 15:33:40 GMT
* Daystar Baptist Church Celebrates 18th Anniversary
Wed, 27 Aug 2008 20:13:30 GMT
* DayStar records $7.3M net loss in 2Q
Thu, 07 Aug 2008 12:40:46 GMT

Top 5 Losers

Archer Daniels Midland CO. NYSE:ADM Biodiesel 0.00%

Whl Energy Fpo ASX:WHN DiversifiedAltE 0.00%

Viridis Stapled ASX:VIR DiversifiedAltE 0.00%

* VCEG full year results for period ended 30 June 2008
Wed, 27 Aug 2008 01:22:43 GMT

Unit Energy Europe Ag XE:UEE DiversifiedAltE 0.00%

Terna Energy (CR) ASE:TENERGY DiversifiedAltE 0.00%

* Gek H1 net dips 11.8 pct to 15.7 mln euros, sales rise strongly
Fri, 29 Aug 2008 16:10:49 GMT
* "Интер РАО ЕЭС" претендует на строительство электростанции в Иордании
Mon, 01 Sep 2008 00:14:28 GMT
* Proton: Εκτιμήσεις για ΓΕΚ, Τέρνα και Terna Energy
Tue, 26 Aug 2008 16:57:20 GMT



Archer Daniels Midland CO. NYSE:ADM Biodiesel 0.00%
Ausbiodesl Fpo ASX:ABJ Biodiesel 0.00%
Bdi-Biodiesel Int. XE:D7I Biodiesel 0.00%
Biofutures LSE:BIP Biodiesel 0.00%
China Bio LSE:CBI Biodiesel 0.00%
Missionnew Fpo ASX:MBT Biodiesel 0.00%
Nova Biosource Fuels, AMEX:NBF Biodiesel 0.00%
Petrotec Ag XE:PT8 Biodiesel 0.00%
Verbio Ver.Bioenergie On XE:VBK Biodiesel 0.00%
Austrefuel Fpo ASX:ARW Biodiesel 0.00%
Biopetrol Inds Inh.SF 1 XE:B2I Biodiesel 0.00%
D1 Oils LSE:DOO Biodiesel 0.00%
Eop Biodiesel O.N. XE:E2B Biodiesel 0.00%
Futuref Regs LSE:FFU Biodiesel 0.00%
Kuala Lump.Kep. LSE:KLK Biodiesel 0.00%
O2Diesel Corp. AMEX:OTD Biodiesel 0.00%
Renewable Power LSE:RPL Biodiesel 0.00%
Sterling Biofuels Intl XE:F7U Biodiesel 0.00%
?BOV:ACGU3 Bioethanol 0.00%
Agri Nrg Fpo ASX:AAE Bioethanol 0.00%
Andersons (The) (MM) NASDAQ:ANDE Bioethanol 0.00%
Aventine Renewable Energy Holdings NYSE:AVR Bioethanol 0.00%
Biofuel Energy (MM) NASDAQ:BIOF Bioethanol 0.00%
Cosan Limited CL A NYSE:CZZ Bioethanol 0.00%
Clean EN. LSE:CEB Bioethanol 0.00%
China Sun SGX:C86 Bioethanol 0.00%
Cropenergies Ag XE:CE2 Bioethanol 0.00%
Green Plains Renewable Energy (MM) NASDAQ:GPRE Bioethanol 0.00%
Gtl Resources LSE:GTL Bioethanol 0.00%
Mgp Ingredients (MM) NASDAQ:MGPI Bioethanol 0.00%
Novozymes B OMX:NZYM-B Bioethanol 0.00%
Pacific Ethanol - Commonstock (MM) NASDAQ:PEIX Bioethanol 0.00%
Renova LSE:RVA Bioethanol 0.00%
Sunopta (MM) NASDAQ:STKL Bioethanol 0.00%
US Bioenergy Corp (MM) NASDAQ:USBE Bioethanol 0.00%
Verasun Energy Corp NYSE:VSE Bioethanol 0.00%
Xethanol Corp. AMEX:XNL Bioethanol 0.00%
Envitec Biogas O.N. XE:ETG Biogas 0.00%
Environmental Power (MM) NASDAQ:EPG Biogas 0.00%
Schmack Biogas NA O.N. XE:SB1 Biogas 0.00%
Helius Eng LSE:HEGY Biomass 0.00%
Agcert Regs LSE:AGC CarbonTradingandFinancial 0.00%
Camco Intl LSE:CAO CarbonTradingandFinancial 0.00%
Climate Exch. LSE:CLE CarbonTradingandFinancial 0.00%
CO2 Grp. Fpo ASX:COZ CarbonTradingandFinancial 0.00%
Econergy Intl LSE:ECG CarbonTradingandFinancial 0.00%
Ecosec LSE:ECO CarbonTradingandFinancial 0.00%
Low Carbon Acc. LSE:LCA CarbonTradingandFinancial 0.00%
Trading Emis LSE:TRE CarbonTradingandFinancial 0.00%
Umweltbank AG O.N. XE:UBK CarbonTradingandFinancial 0.00%
Babcock & Brown Env (OTC) USOTC:BBEVF: DiversifiedAltE 0.00%
Boralex TSE:BLX DiversifiedAltE 0.00%
Canadian Hydro Dev Com Npv TSE:KHD DiversifiedAltE 0.00%
Cvc Ltd Fpo ASX:CVC DiversifiedAltE 0.00%
Edenenergy Fpo ASX:EDE DiversifiedAltE 0.00%
Edp Renovaveis EUROL:EDPR DiversifiedAltE 0.00%
Edp EURO:LEDP DiversifiedAltE 0.00%
Fersa ESE:CFRS DiversifiedAltE 0.00%
Finavera Renewables Inc. (Tier2) TSX:FVR DiversifiedAltE 0.00%
Iberdrola Sa LSE:IBE DiversifiedAltE 0.00%
Innergex Renewable Energy TSE:INE DiversifiedAltE 0.00%
Jackgreen Fpo ASX:JGL DiversifiedAltE 0.00%
KP Renewables LSE:KPR DiversifiedAltE 0.00%
Novera LSE:NVE DiversifiedAltE 0.00%
Run of River Power Inc. (Tier1) TSX:ROR DiversifiedAltE 0.00%
Satcon Technology (MM) NASDAQ:SATC DiversifiedAltE 0.00%
Sechilienne Sidec EURO:PSECH DiversifiedAltE 0.00%
Sustainable Energy Technologies Ltd. (Tier2) TSX:STG DiversifiedAltE 0.00%
Terna Energy (CR) ASE:TENERGY DiversifiedAltE 0.00%
Unit Energy Europe Ag XE:UEE DiversifiedAltE 0.00%
Viridis Stapled ASX:VIR DiversifiedAltE 0.00%
Whl Energy Fpo ASX:WHN DiversifiedAltE 0.00%
Tanfield LSE:TAN ElectricVehicles 0.00%
Zenn Motor Company Inc. (Tier2) TSX:ZNN ElectricVehicles 0.00%
Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. (MM) NASDAQ:ALTI EnergyStorage 0.00%
Active Power (MM) NASDAQ:ACPW EnergyStorage 0.00%
Applied Intel. LSE:AINC EnergyStorage 0.00%
Axion Power Intl (BB) USBB:AXPW EnergyStorage 0.00%
Beacon Power (MM) NASDAQ:BCON EnergyStorage 0.00%
Dynetek Industries Com Npv TSE:DNK EnergyStorage 0.00%
Electro Energy Inc. (MM) NASDAQ:EEEI EnergyStorage 0.00%
OSE:6674 EnergyStorage 0.00%
Saft EURO:PSAFT EnergyStorage 0.00%
Vrb Power Systems Inc. (Tier1) TSX:VRB EnergyStorage 0.00%
Zbb Energy Cdi Forus ASX:ZBB EnergyStorage 0.00%
Afc Energy LSE:AFC FuelCells 0.00%
Acta LSE:ACTA FuelCells 0.00%
Ballard Power Systems - Common Shares (MM) NASDAQ:BLDP FuelCells 0.00%
Catalytica Energy Sys (MM) NASDAQ:CESI FuelCells 0.00%
Ceramic Fuel LSE:CFU FuelCells 0.00%
Ceres Power LSE:CWR FuelCells 0.00%
Cmr Fuel LSE:CMF FuelCells 0.00%
Activision (MM) NASDAQ:DESC FuelCells 0.00%
Enova Systems, AMEX:ENA FuelCells 0.00%
Fuelcell Energy (MM) NASDAQ:FCEL FuelCells 0.00%
Hoku Scientific (MM) NASDAQ:HOKU FuelCells 0.00%
Hydrogenics Corp Com Npv TSE:HYG FuelCells 0.00%
Idatech LSE:IDA FuelCells 0.00%
Itm Power LSE:ITM FuelCells 0.00%
Mechanical Technology Incorporated (MM) NASDAQ:MKTY FuelCells 0.00%
Medis Technologies Ltd. (MM) NASDAQ:MDTL FuelCells 0.00%
Millennium Cell (OTC) NASDAQ:MCEL FuelCells 0.00%
Morphic Technologies AB Ser. B OMX:MORP-B FuelCells 0.00%
Oxford Cat. LSE:OCG FuelCells 0.00%
Plug Power (MM) NASDAQ:PLUG FuelCells 0.00%
Polyfuel Regs LSE:PYF FuelCells 0.00%
Protonex Regs LSE:PTX FuelCells 0.00%
Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide (MM) NASDAQ:QTWW FuelCells 0.00%
Voller Energy LSE:VLR FuelCells 0.00%
Uqm Technologies, AMEX:UQM FuelCells 0.00%
Geodynamic Fpo ASX:GDY Geothermal 0.00%
Geo Res Fpo ASX:GHT Geothermal 0.00%
Green Rock Fpo ASX:GRK Geothermal 0.00%
Nevada Geothermal Power Inc. (Tier2) TSX:NGP Geothermal 0.00%
Ormat Technologies NYSE:ORA Geothermal 0.00%
Petratherm Fpo ASX:PTR Geothermal 0.00%
TSX:GEO Geothermal 0.00%
Torrens EN Fpo ASX:TEY Geothermal 0.00%
Western Geopower (Tier2) TSX:WGP Geothermal 0.00%
Waterfurnace Renewable Energy TSE:WFI Geothermal 0.00%
Nibe Industrier AB Ser. B OMX:NIBE-B HeatPumps 0.00%
Quant Ene Fpo ASX:QTM HeatPumps 0.00%
Avista Corp. NYSE:AVA Hydro 0.00%
Brookfield Asset Management NYSE:BAM Hydro 0.00%
Cemig On BOV:CMIG3 Hydro 0.00%
Chongqing Three GO 'a'cny1 SHX:600116 Hydro 0.00%
SHE:002039 Hydro 0.00%
Idacorp (United States) NYSE:IDA Hydro 0.00%
Verbund LSE:VBD Hydro 0.00%
PG&E (Holding CO.) NYSE:PCG Hydro 0.00%
Plutonic Power Cor Com Npv TSE:PCC Hydro 0.00%
Portland General Electric CO. NYSE:POR Hydro 0.00%
Sichuan Minjiang H 'a'cny1 SHX:600131 Hydro 0.00%
Transcanada Corp NYSE:TRP Hydro 0.00%
Trustpower Ltd Ord (OTC) USOTC:TRPWF Hydro 0.00%
Dynetek Industries L (OTC) USOTC:DKNDF Hydrogen 0.00%
Methanex (MM) NASDAQ:MEOH Hydrogen 0.00%
Questair Tech LSE:QAR Hydrogen 0.00%
Aleo Solar NA O.N. XE:AS1 Solar 0.00%
Arise Technologies (Tier2) TSX:APV Solar 0.00%
Ascent Solar Technologies (MM) NASDAQ:ASTI Solar 0.00%
Carmanah Techs Cor Com Npv TSE:CMH Solar 0.00%
Canadian Solar Inc. - Common Shares (MM) NASDAQ:CSIQ Solar 0.00%
Centrosolar Grp. Ag XE:C3O Solar 0.00%
Centrotherm Photovolt. XE:CTN Solar 0.00%
China Sunergy CO., Ltd. ADS (MM) NASDAQ:CSUN Solar 0.00%
Chofu Seisakusho Co.,Ltd. JSX:5946 Solar 0.00%
Conergy AG O.N. XE:CGY Solar 0.00%
Daystar Technologies (MM) NASDAQ:DSTI Solar 0.00%
Dyesol Ltd Fpo ASX:DYE Solar 0.00%
Emcore (MM) NASDAQ:EMKR Solar 0.00%
Energy Conversion Devices (MM) NASDAQ:ENER Solar 0.00%
Ersol Solar Energy Ag XE:ES6 Solar 0.00%
USOTC:ETNSY Solar 0.00%
Evergreen Solar (MM) NASDAQ:ESLR Solar 0.00%
First Solar (MM) NASDAQ:FSLR Solar 0.00%
JA Solar Holdings, CO., Ltd. - Ads (MM) NASDAQ:JASO Solar 0.00%
Ldk Solar CO Adr NYSE:LDK Solar 0.00%
Memc Electronic Materials (United States) NYSE:WFR Solar 0.00%
Opel International (Tier2) TSX:OPL Solar 0.00%
Phoenix Solar AG O.N. XE:PS4 Solar 0.00%
Powerfilm Regs LSE:PFLM Solar 0.00%
PV Crystalox LSE:PVCS Solar 0.00%
Q-Cells Ag XE:QCE Solar 0.00%
Renewable Energy NK 1 XE:R3Q Solar 0.00%
Colexon Energy AG O.N. XE:HRP Solar 0.00%
Renesola LSE:SOLA Solar 0.00%
Romag LSE:ROM Solar 0.00%
Roth + Rau O.N. XE:R8R Solar 0.00%
Sag Solarstrom Ag XE:SAG Solar 0.00%
Solar2 Ag XE:S2R Solar 0.00%
Solar-Fabrik AG O.N. XE:SFX Solar 0.00%
Solar Int Regs LSE:SIT Solar 0.00%
Solarfun Power Holdings CO., Ltd. (MM) NASDAQ:SOLF Solar 0.00%
Solaria ESE:CSLR Solar 0.00%
Solar Millennium Ag XE:S2M Solar 0.00%
Solarparc Ag XE:SLX Solar 0.00%
Solartron -Nvdr- BA 1 XE:TUU Solar 0.00%
Solarworld AG O.N. XE:SWV Solar 0.00%
Solco Ltd Fpo ASX:SOO Solar 0.00%
Solon AG F.Solartech.Ag XE:SOO1 Solar 0.00%
Spire (MM) NASDAQ:SPIR Solar 0.00%
Sumitomo Titanium Corp. JSX:5726 Solar 0.00%
Sunline O.N. XE:SU3 Solar 0.00%
Sunpower (MM) NASDAQ:SPWR Solar 0.00%
Suntech Power Holdings CO Ltd NYSE:STP Solar 0.00%
Sunways AG O.N. XE:SWW Solar 0.00%
Timminco Ltd TSE:TIM Solar 0.00%
Trina Solar Ltd Adr NYSE:TSL Solar 0.00%
Wacker Chemie O.N. XE:WCH Solar 0.00%
Xantrex Technology Com Npv TSE:XTX Solar 0.00%
Yingli Grn Engy Adr NYSE:YGE Solar 0.00%
Actelios BIT:ACT Wastegas 0.00%
Alkane Energy LSE:ALK Wastegas 0.00%
USBB:EFTI Wastegas 0.00%
Energy Dev Fpo ASX:ENE Wastegas 0.00%
Prometheus Regs LSE:PEC Wastegas 0.00%
Carnegie Fpo ASX:CNM Wave 0.00%
Ocean Pwr Di LSE:OPT Wave 0.00%
B&B Wind Stapled ASX:BBW Wind 0.00%
CH. Rokas S.A. (PR) ASE:ROKPA Wind 0.00%
Clipper Reg S LSE:CWP Wind 0.00%
Edf Energies Nouv. EURO:PEEN Wind 0.00%
Energiekontor O.N. XE:EKT Wind 0.00%
Gamesa Corp LSE:GML Wind 0.00%
Greentech Energy Systems OMX:GES Wind 0.00%
Hansen Tran. LSE:HSN Wind 0.00%
Japan Wind Development Co.,Ltd. JSX:2766 Wind 0.00%
Nordex AG O.N. XE:NDX1 Wind 0.00%
Plambeck N.Energ.NA O.N. XE:PNE3 Wind 0.00%
Pyeong San Co Ltd (OTC) USOTC:PYESF Wind 0.00%
Renewable Eng. LSE:RWE Wind 0.00%
Repower Systems Ag XE:RPW Wind 0.00%
Suzlon Energy Limited NSE:SUZLON Wind 0.00%
Theolia EURO:PTEO Wind 0.00%
Valmont Industries (United States) NYSE:VMI Wind 0.00%
Vestas Wind Systems OMX:VWS Wind 0.00%
Western Wind Energy Corp (Tier2) TSX:WND Wind 0.00%
Renew. Energy LSE:REH DiversifiedAltE 0.00%

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