A New Manhattan Project Required for Energy Security

A New Manhattan Project Required for Energy Security

Postby cacofonix » Fri Jun 20, 2008 7:05 pm

Rather than wasting money and resources on finding more fossil fuel —- at great expense to the economy and further damage to the environment —- let's put some real money to work and get another "Manhattan Project" up and running, this time for a simple solution to the energy crisis.

Would it be so difficult to bring in the greatest scientists from around the world and piggyback on extensive inroads that big business has already made in hydrogen fuel cells, electric cars and numerous other forms of alternative fuel? Can anyone even argue that we in America and likely the rest of the world would be on a clear and concise path to alternative energy within 10 years? We did it before, why not now?

Interesting article, read the full stuff from here
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Re: A New Manhattan Project Required for Energy Security

Postby DR Johansen » Thu Aug 07, 2008 11:07 am

Oh great. More subsidies to mess up the market some more. Oh well.

If the overly many governments would just STOP subsidizing their favorite (i.e. politically popular) form of energy, including the pollution permissiveness subsidy, then the most efficient, effective, clean source would win out. But that will never happen so the ever more strained and shrinking middle class will subsidize energy for everyone by transfering money to the connected wealthy. O whell.

What? You think the subsidies will go to the mom and pop start-up alternative energy shops? Pareto will apply to these subsidies like it has with all others. 80% will go to the few well connected, and the 20% left, when spread around to the rest, won't even cover their part of paying for the subsidy. Ow hell.
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