Algae Byproducts - almost 1600

Algae Byproducts - almost 1600

Postby kriben » Wed May 04, 2011 2:04 pm

Hey guys,
Im trying to find the best combination of products I could make out of microalgae biorefinery. I have had many inputs on this i.e antimicrobial, nutrients, feed and food, omega 3, astaxanthin, antiviral, cosmetics, biogas electricity etc...

I am looking to develop a small 1 acre land with PBR system. Looking to get in touch with Solix and OriginOil for both their systems. Biodiesel seem to be a non-feasible byproduct at the moment.

I am looking to produce 2-5 byproducts out of this refinery. I am looking for a market which is already addressed and the products should be in demand. This is so that I could move on to my phase 2 which is biodiesel.

Let me know your thoughts....
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Re: Algae Byproducts - almost 1600

Postby dawnsp » Mon May 09, 2011 8:35 am

Valcent seems to have a really good hydroponic vertigro system. Their testing food in the market now but they understand the potential of algae and having skyscrapers filled with veggies and algae in the middle of the desert to the middle of a city.
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