Algae Commercialization and Collaboration

Algae Commercialization and Collaboration

Postby algae » Mon Jun 23, 2008 6:01 am

Algae Commercialization:
Business Roundtable, Research and Networking Forum

National Algae Association announces its Algae Commercialization Business Plan, Research, and Networking Forum. Algae oil production companies, algae researchers and algaeprenuers will present leading-edge technologies for commercialization of "the new oil" on July 17th, in The Woodlands, Texas. The NAA brings companies and researchers together to share ideas and exchange information to overcome technological hurdles and commercialize this fast growing renewable fuel industry.
Current high oil prices, the collapse of food-for-fuel initiatives and concerns about increased levels of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere have all created awareness of the need for alternative fuel solutions. Algae has emerged as one of the lowest cost feedstocks for the biofuels and cellulosic industries. Algae is considered to be a promising source of renewable oil which can be processed and refined into a variety of transportation fuels.

Recent breakthroughs in pond development and closed end loop systems put algae oil production companies on the leading-edge of the renewable oil industry.

Some challenges:

a) identifying the best suitable algae strains with the largest extraction rates.

b) standardizing photobioreactor (PBR) technologies

c) developing new CO2 injection methods

d) monitoring nutrient levels for efficient algae growth rates

e) finding cost effective oil extraction methodologies

Algae can be refined to make biofuel, jet fuel, bio-gasoline and cellulosic materials such as pharmacueticals, cosmetics, bioplastics and green packaging.

For additional information contact: or 936.321.1125
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Re: Algae Commercialization and Collaboration

Postby rhbruce50 » Wed Jul 09, 2008 6:37 am

Not much information on algae fuel. Something as important as this and nearly nothing to read. Did I miss something?
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Re: Algae Commercialization and Collaboration

Postby JeffL » Sat Jul 19, 2008 9:06 am

Be sure to investigate Valcent Products' closed end algae production system. They are at present a penny stock company OTCBB VCTPF. Their system tests indicate they could produce 33,000gal of oil/acre/yr compared to 6gal/acre per year of corn. And they will use minimal water as opposed to ponds.
Go to the stock site or to Valcent Products, where they have videos of crop production for vegatables as well as for greenhouse closed loop production of algae biofuel.
I am absolutely awestruck. Straighten me out if it is bogus!
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Re: Algae Commercialization and Collaboration

Postby spud » Tue Nov 04, 2008 1:52 am

I live in California and would be interested to collaborate with someone on a small venture.
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Re: Algae Commercialization and Collaboration

Postby ushoys1 » Thu Nov 20, 2008 7:48 am

I'm new to this subject and interested in it, particularly with respect to long-term investment. There seems to be a fair number of small companies involved in algae oil, but if this business ever graduates from small scale experimentation to large scale commercial operation and profit, it seems very likely that big established companies will just take it over.

Is it conceivable that a small pioneering algae oil pioneer company will be able to patent an algae oil-production process that will subsequently generate royalties or profitable purchase from the oil giants? If not, what's in it for them and their investors?
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Re: Algae Commercialization and Collaboration

Postby cacofonix » Sat Jan 03, 2009 10:27 am

Great list Clint. Thank you!

Clint LeRoy wrote:Publicly Known Companies:
Greenfuels -
XL Renewables -
Solazyme -
Solix -

Names of companies most of us have never heard of:
A2BE -
Algal Pyramid -
Algenol Biofuels -
Aquaflow Bionomics -
Aurora BioFuels -
BARD LLC – will be using BioKing -
Algal Fuels aka Bio King -
Varicon Aqua – greenhouse variant -
Canadian Pacific Algae -
Diversified Energy Corporation - ... ion=simgae
Ingrepro -
Genifuel -
Global Green Solutions Inc -
Green Star Products -
Bioprodukte-Steinberg -
Infinia BioDiesel -
International Energy Inc. -
Inventure Chemicals -
Bodega Algae LLC -
Live Fuels Inc. -
MBD BioDiesel -
Petro Sun Inc. -
Philadelphia Renewable Energy -
Sapphire Energy -
SeamBiotic -
Sunrise Ridge Algae -
Sunx Energy Algae Oil Research Lab -
T-CO Alternative Fuels, LLC. -
Algepower Algae -
Biomaxx Systems Inc -
PetroAlgae -
World Algae Producers & Researchers Association -

That about covers all the algae companies in the public's eye on the internet that I know of!
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