Algae Oil from Human Waste Treatment

Algae Oil from Human Waste Treatment

Postby Vegiecars » Fri Sep 26, 2008 4:12 pm

Hi All. I operate a business in Australia that converts Diesel vehicles to operate on straight vegetable oil. I see a great future for algae oil in this country, and we are currently in the process of setting up community owned cooperative refuelling stations for biological fuels. I see a future where these co-operatives will not only be distributing fuel, but also manufacturing from crops such as Jatropha and Algae.

I'm particularly interested in systems that are using waste water such as grey and black water for the production of oil algae. The area where I live is an established area in the hills, and every house has a septic system that is decaying or broken requiring replacement. We are no longer able to replace them with septic systems and instead have to install a waste treatment plant that consumes vast amounts of energy to process our human waste that could be used to produce fuel for heating or transport via algae oil.

I am looking for a product or business or community enterprise that are working on an algae oil based waste treatment plant that is small scale for the house or small community. I am hopeful that thee will be something underway that we can tap into as I believe there is a huge market available for such a product.


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