Cultivating Marine Micro-Oilgae At Sea

Cultivating Marine Micro-Oilgae At Sea

Postby DAH » Sun Oct 25, 2009 3:53 am

Assuming the de-listing of oil tankers that result from increases in alternative energy production and the move to double-hull design, re-fit such de-listed tankers to intensively cultivate, process and store Oilgae and Ethanol. They would dock and offload when capacities are attained, then repeat. Here are the results:

Whether cultivating micro- or macro- marine algae, the ocean will be protected from pollution, a continuing supply of renewable energy will be established, and iron fertilization for the purposes of carbon sequestration will become feasible.

Marine micro-algae's vertical migration can be manipulated optimally by light supply, provided by PV sources on board the tanker: picture PV "wings" that can be raised vertically when the tanker docks.

This process assumes extensive genetic engineering of algae. By international treaty, NO patent rights should be granted to such genetic engineering processes. The desperate straits of Catastrophic Climate Destruction (Formerly known as "Global Warming") require a non-profit-motivated worldwide engagement of this strategy.

But this is only a net-zero approach to producing energy. As all of you know out-there, the Living Planet Earth requires net-minus solutions to human energy consumption.

I'll post the single obvious - human population reduction. We can make it happen, or Mother Nature WILL make it happen.

What are the other options? All of y'all out there, WEIGH IN! Bring your criticism, praise, or amplifications of the technical idea, and/or a political criticism of my last 3 paragraphs.

Let's get it on!

David A Hammond
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Re: Cultivating Marine Micro-Oilgae At Sea

Postby Ionascu » Wed Dec 29, 2010 2:42 pm

nice article, it is very helpfull
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