Macroalgae vs Microalgae Yields

Macroalgae vs Microalgae Yields

Postby cacofonix » Thu Feb 05, 2009 6:59 am

While microalgae are the most researched species when it comes to biofuels, one should remember that macroalgae have some advantages. Mainly because of their relatively larger sizes than micro, these can be harvested more easily.

However, microalgae are more favored primarily because of the fact that they grow very quickly and also because they have much higher lipid content than macroalgae, which normally have minimal lipid contents...

Which brings me to the question: For an equivalent area (say a hectare), is there any study that says the amount of macroalgae biomass that can be generated? It does not matter if the oil content is low (as their carbohydrate content can be used). If the yields of algae biomass for macro and micro algae are similar, then I guess there is a strong case for considering macroalgae as well...on the other hand, if the macroalgae yields are far lower, guess microalgae alone have the potential...

Any inputs are welcome
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Re: Macroalgae vs Microalgae Yields

Postby guru » Fri Feb 06, 2009 12:24 pm

Experts say "For microalgae the theoritical yield is 158 tons per hectare and for macroalgae an yield is between 60 - 100 tons per hectare of macroalgal biomass"

So comparitively the yield of microalgae per hectare per annum is double that of macroalgae besides Macroalgae can be harvestd every 3 or 6 months but microalgae can be harvested daily.

Which is why i guess researcher are fond of Microalgae...
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Re: Macroalgae vs Microalgae Yields

Postby cacofonix » Tue Feb 10, 2009 8:37 am


Thanks for the info, this is useful, and interesting!

If macroalgae can give yields of 100 T per hectare (while microalgae can give about 200), my question is, can macroalgae be grown in wastewater and sewage and in saline backwaters? If yes, to me growing lots of macroalgae which have much simpler harvesting methods and using either fermentation for ethanol or gasification / catalytic synthesis seems like a great way to go

But I must be sure of the numbers you have given...I'm not doubting your numbers, just wish to know whether macroalgae strains that can be grown in normal places like wastewater etc can give so much yield

Thanks for your time
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Re: Macroalgae vs Microalgae Yields

Postby mowy » Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:52 pm

Hi all,

This post is very interesting for me. We are searching information for the best form to use the algae (macro or mciro) for gasification technology. We have a small plant of gasification and we are interested. I know that in Japan there was experiences with macroalgae for gasification but I do not meet more information about this. Does anyone know the potential of macro or micro algae in artificial ponds? And what are the species that are more production regardless of the lipid content?

Thanks You and sorry for my english.

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Re: Macroalgae vs Microalgae Yields

Postby anyiez ange » Fri Jun 04, 2010 11:17 am

macroalgaecan be grown in wastewater..but not any information about macroalgas have higher lipid
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