Measuring Lipid Content with GC

Measuring Lipid Content with GC

Postby okay » Mon Jan 24, 2011 9:14 pm

After extracting the lipids from the microalgae, how do I measure the lipid content with GC?

It is my understanding that the lipids should be derivitized (to form FAMEs). Then a FAME calibration curve should be made. How is this done? (Do I run different concentrations of FAME standards then plot against area under the curve?) What internal standards should be used and how is this linked to the calibration curve?

I was also looking at an ASTM method (D6584) where they add MSTFA to the sample before running it on GC. Can the sample be pure lipid or does it need to be esters? What does the MSTFA do to a lipid-only sample?

Thanks!!! :)
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