Macro-algae for ethanol - GGASS Alex Harel is Positive

Macro-algae for ethanol - GGASS Alex Harel is Positive

Postby cacofonix » Mon Jan 12, 2009 11:02 pm

Read about an interesting presentation from Alex Harel of GGASS, on the potential for macro-algae for biofuel, aka ethanol.

Look at what he says:
Macro algae have enormous potential to be the best source of biomass for biofuel. Growing macro algae in
land based ponds and boosting the growth with CO2, can be a major source of the algae biomass for biofuel
applications. Macro algae can reach yields of more than 10 ton per 1,000 M2 per year. Using CO2 to boost
the growing can further increase the yield. Macro algae are the optimal source for 2nd generation bioethanol,
due to:
 High in carbohydrates/polysaccharides and thin cellulose walls;
 High yield per growing area (10-15 ton per year per 1,000 M2) – more than 10X corn;
 Does not increase food prices;
 Grown on non-agriculture land;
 Do not use fresh water;
 Consumes large amounts of CO2 while growing;

I have been asking everyone I know precisely the same thing as what Alex has said above - Why simply can't we grow macroalgae instead of microalgae, which seem to be have a number of cultivation problems? Perhaps GGASS is the answer

See the full details of Alex's presentation here
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