Alternatives to Gasoline

Alternatives to Gasoline

Postby cacofonix » Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:49 pm

The alternatives to gasoline motor fuel include diesel, propane, ethanol, methanol, CNG (compressed natural gas) and hydrogen.

To be acceptable as a replacement for gasoline motor fuel, the alternative must be;

a) Competitively priced compared to gasoline.

b) Produced by non crude oil refining multi-nationals.

c) Available in existing reserves for a minimum of 10 years at current rates of consumption.

d) Available in sufficient quantities to displace 25% of current annual gasoline volumes of consumption.

e) Available from countries of low political risk and low risk of supply disruption.

f) Available from multiple sources.

g) Currently in a surplus status.

h) Currently available at existing fueling stations nation wide.

i) Ideally available at fueling stations not owned by multi-nationals with crude oil refining interests.

j) Compatible with existing motor vehicles with minimal conversion cost.

k) Environmentally friendlier than gasoline.

l) Cheaper than gasoline on a BTU basis.

m) Equally efficient on an energy conversion basis.

n) Safe to use.

o) Possess state and federal regulatory approvals for motor vehicle fuel usage.

The motor vehicle fuel that meets the criteria above is CNG (compressed natural gas).

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