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While hydroelectric power is a longstanding concept familiar all across the world, its full potential as a green source of power has never been fully realized. That is, of course, until now. Over the last decade, there has been an increased emphasis on renewable energy and the need for alternative generation technologies that are less dependent on finite resources. Hydroelectric power has only just begun to realize its value as a renewable energy source, and this green energy niche now boasts massive potential making it a hot topic for investors worldwide looking to tap into the movement towards a more sustainable future.

While there are many sources of energy out there, few of them leave little or no scar on the environment. Renewable and "green" energy sources are being promoted like never before as the environment has obviously been paying the price from the neglect and abuse it has suffered over the last century. While modern inventions have made everyone's life much easier, nobody stopped to look at the effects that they were having on the planet until recently. Now, "green" energy has become a top priority.
"Greenhouse gas emissions" is a term that is constantly used when talking about energy sources. Facts and figures that have been released over the last decade have shown that when fossil fuels such as coal are burned to create energy, they produce an overwhelmingly negative effect on the environment. That is why renewable energy sources have come to the forefront, as they have little to no damaging emissions.

The only carbon dioxide that is created in relation to a hydroelectric plant happens during its actual construction. There is simply no way around this at the current time, but after the construction has been completed, fuel is no longer burned and carbon dioxide is no longer a threat. In fact, a study by scientists at the University of Stuttgart produced results showing that hydroelectric power – out of all available power types – produces the least amount of greenhouse gases. The study included not only traditional sources of energy but renewable energies as well. The World Energy Group’s ambitious agenda to change the global source of energy consumption doesn't just stop with its investments. From the moment that the group decided to take on Guatemalan energy projects, it was the company's intention to reward the communities for the opportunities their land and labor offer up. The contributions that the World Energy Group has made and continues to make to the cities of Guatemala go far beyond making sure that their own projects are successful. The group’s continued support is enabling communities to experience such benefits as clean water and paved roads, often for the very first time. The World Energy Group has always made the commitment that the group and its representatives need to become part of the community, not just operate a business in it. The group’s founders and delegates leave a positive footprint wherever they go. Many of the commitments and developments of the group include Schools, Educational Materials, Reforestation, Plumbing, Clean Water, and other related developments.

I believe all companies should take into consideration education, health, and the well being of the Country they are developing. World Energy Research has been a very good example of this.
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