Honda May Mass-Produce FCX Clarity Fuel-Cell Car in 10 Years

Honda May Mass-Produce FCX Clarity Fuel-Cell Car in 10 Years

Postby cacofonix » Thu Jun 19, 2008 5:10 pm

June 16 (Bloomberg) -- Honda Motor Co., Japan's second- largest automaker, may start mass production of its FCX Clarity fuel-cell car within 10 years to meet growing demand for fuel- efficient models.

``If we can bring costs down by a certain amount, I think we can start mass-production,'' President Takeo Fukui said in an interview at its new-model center today in Tochigi prefecture, northeast of Tokyo. Honda began production of the FCX Clarity at the center today.

Honda plans to lease 200 FCX Clarity vehicles in the U.S. and Japan over the next three years and has five customers for the car in the U.S., the company said in a statement. The carmaker is adding low-pollution models including fuel-cell and gasoline-electric hybrids as record-high oil prices and tougher carbon-emission rules boost demand for cars that use less fuel.

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Re: Honda May Mass-Produce FCX Clarity Fuel-Cell Car in 10 Years

Postby just watching » Thu Sep 11, 2008 10:12 pm

Storing and using H2 as a fuel is not the real problem. It is the energy needed to aquire the pure H2 VS the energy returned when used. 100 in 25 out is the going ratio at this time.
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Re: Honda May Mass-Produce FCX Clarity Fuel-Cell Car in 10 Y

Postby hogg » Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:02 pm

Just Watching, seems to know a lot about the Engineering of the H2.

I had an idea.
To put a little 5 hp Briggs & Stratton Four Stroke in a boat.
Use the Battery Charging part of the B&S to make H2 right in the boat.

Some questions I cant seem to answer.
Is the H2 stored in a Bladder? Or a solid tank?
How about a Bladder inside a Solid tank?

Am I gonna blow myself up?
What precautions should I take to keep me and the boat all in one piece :? ?

I'd have a small Tank of Lake water in the boat.

My idea was to connect the B+ to one Stainless pole, and minus to the other, across the width of the tank.
The H2 would collect on the Negative pole, and rise to be collected in the bladder.

I'd use a normal three way valve at the fuel supplies.
Using Gasoline to the Carb for starting the engine. I don't see any way of storing H2 for very long. I'd just have to make it and use it as I make it.

The second port to the fuel valve would let the H2 into the Engine from the Bladder.
So I'd start the engine on Gasoline, get it warmed up while the Electrical energy is collecting H2 in the bladder.
Then switch the fuel valve from Gasoline to H2.

What do you think? :D

Dick Hopkins
Cullman AL.

The Oxgen collecting on the B+ would just go up into the air or maybe into my Live well, or maybe feed it back into the intake of the Carburator.
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