Frustrations with the concept of Aldaoleum idea.

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Frustrations with the concept of Aldaoleum idea.

Postby hogg » Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:24 pm

I've been interested in Algae Diesle for two years.
So far nothing but Snake oil and 'intellectual properties" and not the first Bucket full out here in the middle of America.

Finally I had the idea that the DOD should be looking for the next Gallon of Fuel so I called them.
If you've never had the experience of talking to the Great OZ you just gotta try and make sense outta a call to the DOD.

Finally after two months of probing and crying I was connected with a guy who writes Checks for the USAF for Research.
His story was short and interesting.
The DOD dont do anything for itself.
It pays for PhD's etc to do the research for them. (Good deal there)
He had a lot to say about the Rules and circumstances of what the USAF can buy.
Still he dont know who to speak to about Algaeoil. (Amazing eh :lol: )

So they contracted with some company (didn't tell me the name) to provide ALGA OIL for a test in an Airplane.
50/50 mix of JP-8 and ALgaoil.
So far I've never heard of a Crash or failure.

Somebody somewhere is making AlgaeOil. And it's working.

My statement to the USAF guy was simple: "The Taxpayers are paying for that Research. The company that develops the Algae oil, does not own that patent or the Intellectual properties. WE, the TAXPAYERS DO! :x

I said to him: " If they'd share the simplest parts of the process with us, the Taxpayers, a heckuva lot of us would be making it at home for our Pickups and Tractors.
The information gleaned from our multiple efforts would be as valuable as the PhD's who came up with the 'startup' process.

I'm getting tired and frustrated dealing with the Gov. I'd like for others to help out with this idea.
Somebody who's better at dealing with the Gov. Who's younger and has more patience with the inane "I don't know" answers from our Gov.

I got the feeling the Toadies and Drones that work for the Gov. don't think they should waste any time answering questions for the Taxpayers.
They think we are just the Crap they have to put up with in order to Slop down at the Trough once a month or so. us all out! Lets see if we can start making Algaeoil at home without buying some Snake Oil salesman's book!! :D
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