Getting the DOD involved.

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Getting the DOD involved.

Postby hogg » Wed Oct 13, 2010 10:29 am

I've been posting and reading on this site for a long time.
I'm tired of going nowhere with this idea.
If there is somebody who's made the first gallon of it and is burning it in his Tractor or Pickup, he's sure keeping the secrets under his hat.

Too many 'opportunists' are selling snake oil to prospects. People who are genuinly interested enough to buy the Snake Oil in hopes....

I think if some of us get together on this thing, we have a chance of making it work if everybody contributes an idea or some work.
With that in mind:

I wrote the Department of Defense on that very subject.

The DOD is the worlds largest single user of Oil. The oil shortages are looming.
Certainly somebody in the DOD is looking into some other forms of fuel.
So it follows that some DOD guy is aware of the possibility of Algae Diesel.

The DOD pours a lot of money into projects. So if they've touched on Algae Diesel they will know a lot about it.
If it got stalled, then share with us the reason for the stalling?
Share with us, what they know about the production of Algae diesel. After all, we paid for all that knowledge.

One more good reason to share what they know is to get a lot more hands and feet and brains into the works.
Enough of us working on the problem, will most certainly come up with some usable info which may lead to the successful creation of Home brewed Diesel from Algae.

I love the thought of it.

Remember this folks. November 2 is "Take out the Trash day"
Things haven't been going right for some time now! Throw out the Trash, and lets start over with some integrity and responsibility.

And if you vote socialist or Democrat, please flush the booth when you leave!
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