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NZ Algae Firm Developing Omega-3 Production

NZ Algae Firm Developing Omega-3 Production

November 24, 2011

Owen Hembry, in the New Zealand Herald writes that Auckland, New Zealand-based biotechnology company Photonz has made a major step toward commercialization of its marine microalgae-derived omega-3 fatty acid product, or EPA, after transferring its fermentation process to a Canadian facility.

The Canadian facility can operate multi-ton scale fermentations under industrial conditions, with successive harvests. The harvested biomass is then shipped to France for a purification process.

“That is a huge technical step to be able to put the process into other people’s hands and they can make it work,” chief executive Greg Moss-Smith said. “You’re almost in the ball park of normal commercial risk at this point. As a result of the success of this project I have confirmed to our investors that we remain on track to manufacture, in 2012, an industrial scale end-product that addresses a massive opportunity in the US$60 billion cardiovascular disease market [in the US].”

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