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Sapphire Chosen as a Clean Tech ?Game Changer of the Year?

Sapphire Chosen as a Clean Tech “Game Changer of the Year”

October 13, 2011

Sapphire Energy, Inc. has been chosen as a 2011 “Game Changer of the Year” in Clean Technology. Award presenters Grow-California chose Sapphire for its impact on California’s green industry, in the category of Public/Private Partnerships.

“This Game Changer Award highlights the importance of public and private partnerships in accelerating the country’s transition to renewable fuels,” said Jason Pyle, Sapphire Energy founder and CEO. “In addition, the generous federal funding we have received shows the value the United States government sees in reducing dependency on petroleum and transitioning to renewable sources of energy. They understand the impact that algae-based fuel, at scale, can and will have.”

Sapphire Energy has received $104 million in federal funding from the US Departments of Energy and Agriculture to build and operate the world’s first Integrated Algal Biorefinery (IABR). The 300-wet acre commercial demonstration project will show the technology readiness and scalability of Sapphire Energy’s end-to-end, algae-to-energy system, and its resulting “Green Crude,” a renewable alternative to fossil-based crude oil.

Currently under construction near Columbus, New Mexico, the four-year commercial demonstration will be operational in 2012. When it reaches capacity in the final phase of the commercial demonstration, according to Sapphire, it will produce 1 million gallons per year of Green Crude.

The “Game Changer of the Year” awards will be presented at the Clean Tech Innovation Conference at the Kaiser Center, in downtown Oakland, November 2nd and 3rd. Award winners, in 19 categories, were selected from more than 200 nominees.

Grow-California is dedicated to fostering jobs and creating wealth in California by connecting entrepreneurs, growth companies and market leaders with talent, capital and customers. For more information about “Game Changer” winners, visit: www.grow-california.com.

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