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Spirulina harvested using proprietary growth system 4

Spirulina is a highly nutritional food crop and is sold as food supplement. (Photo: Global Natural Energy)

Spirulina harvested using proprietary growth system

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011, 22:40 (GMT + 9)

World Health Energy Holdings, Inc (WHEN), a public holding company developing joint venture partnerships for algae production for biodiesel and commercial fish food, has announced that Global Natural Energy Ltd's (GNE) algae production facility has successfully grown and harvested spirulina using the proprietary GB 3000 algae growth system.

WHEN recently acquired GNE-India, an algae technology company with the distribution and licensing rights to a unique and innovative system to grow algae quickly and efficiently for energy and food protein. GNE-India owns and retains the territorial rights for distribution and sales of the proprietary technology to both India and Sri Lanka.

WHEN has exclusive distribution and licensing rights to the GNE GB 3000 system in India and Croatia. Earlier this year, the GB 3000 system was used to grow a combination of local algae species, as well as Chlorella, targeting the product to the fish feed and biodiesel markets.

Spirulina is a valuable nutritional food crop and is sold around the world as a food supplement at over USD 50 per kg. Spirulina contains 70 per cent protein with a wide range of amino acids, beta carotene, vitamins in the B group, especially B12, calcium, iron, potassium and zinc, as well as antibiotic agents and antioxidants. The successful production of spirulina is a significant milestone because it is a specialized crop that is more delicate than other species.

The algae production facility is currently conducting tests on the average rate of production of dry biomass, and will announce the results in the coming months.

Jeremy Werblowsky, CFO of WHEN, said, "This announcement is important in that it validates the significant value of the GB 3000 algae growth technology. Our success with spirulina paves the way for WHEN to utilize the GB 3000 algae growth system for other pharmaceutical and nutraceutical crops."

Werblowsky added, "We look forward to finalizing the joint venture partnerships currently in negotiations for the building of commercial algae farms for the production of biodiesel and, in the case of Spirulina production, highly nutritional and economical commercial fish food."

WHEN is focused on biofuels produced from algae, which boasts substantially higher yields in comparison to ethanol derived from corn, rapeseed, jatropha and palm oil. The company also works with visionary enterprises in the multi-billion dollar renewable energy arena producing progressive, broad-based solutions for better physical, nutritional and environmental health worldwide. In addition, the company is pursuing an ancillary use of algae -- the efficient production of high-protein fish feed for commercial fish farms.

WHEN is an emerging renewable energy and biofuel company. The company will produce, sub-license and market high-quality, low cost B100 Biodiesel to replace traditional fossil fuels with proprietary algae biofuel systems.

GNE is an algae tech company with unique systems to grow algae commercially for energy and food. The company was founded by top experts in the plant and algae field after several years of research and development to create affordable and viable algae biofuel systems.

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