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Algae to Omega Picks LumiGrow LEDs for 60,000 SF Algae Farm 1

Algae to Omega Picks LumiGrow LEDs for 60,000 SF Algae Farm

June 9, 2011

LumiGrow, Inc., a leading provider of high-efficiency LED lighting solutions for horticulture, has announced that it will be providing the LED controlled illumination for Algae to Omega’s 60,000 square foot vertical indoor farm in Oakland Park, Florida.

Algae to Omega is gearing up for commercial scale production and distribution of high-valued nutraceuticals and feedstocks including antioxidant Astaxanthin, pure Omega 3 fatty acids and feed for the livestock and aquaculture industries. The company cultivates in an indoor farm receiving natural sunlight during daylight hours. The LumiGrow LEDs now provide supplemental lighting through the night.

The use of the LED systems allows Algae to Omega to significantly scale production within the same footprint, according to Geronimos Dimitrelos, CEO of Algae to Omega. “As a company committed to green technologies, we were drawn to the LumiGrow solution’s demonstrated ability to cut energy use and costs by half versus traditional greenhouse lighting systems,” said Dimitrelos.

Among Algae to Omega’s corporate objectives is to be a no-waste facility. This policy extends to lighting, says Dimitreios. Unlike other greenhouse lighting systems that emit broad swaths of the color spectrum unusable by plants, all tuned frequency light emitted by the LumiGrow solution elicits healthy plant responses. This precision yields energy savings of greater than 50 percent as compared to other lights, according to Dimitreios.

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