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Fluid Imaging Enters MOU with BARD for Strategic Partnership

Fluid Imaging Enters MOU with BARD for Strategic Partnership

May 18, 2011

Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc. of Yarmouth, ME, announced it has a memorandum of understanding with BARD Holding, Inc., of Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, outlining a strategic partnership between the two firms, whereby BARD intends to work exclusively with Fluid Imaging’s FlowCAM® imaging particle analyzers for organism detection and classification at its commercial algae production plant in Morrisville, PA and future product installation sites.

With a patented algae growth technology, BARD Holding, Inc. launched a commercial-scale algae production and algae oil extraction facility in Morrisville, Pennsylvania in March of 2011. Their mission is to provide viable solutions to the demands for energy independence, reduction in harmful greenhouse gases and the invigoration of our domestic economy. Algae produced by BARD can be used for human, fish and animal consumption, bio-fuels and chemicals.

Fluid Imaging Technologies’ FlowCAM is used in the commercial algae and biofuel production process to detect, enumerate and classify lipid-containing algae, and also to monitor algal growth, nutrition and contamination during the production process. The FlowCAM combines rapid digital imaging with microscopy, taking hundreds of high-resolution, digital images of individual algae cells and other particles within seconds. It automatically provides data for each cell or particle on up to 30 parameters, including count, size, shape and concentration.

Fluid Imaging CEO Kent Peterson, commented, “The FlowCAM was originally developed for algal analysis, so it is optimally suited to serve in this burgeoning, global market. Fostering this valuable relationship with BARD, a successful company on the cutting edge of algae-to-biofuel technology, is promising for both of our firms.”

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