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BARD and OriginOil Announce Co-Venture

BARD and OriginOil Announce Co-Venture

May 6, 2011

BARD Holding Inc., of Morrisville, PA, and California-based OriginOil, Inc. have formed a co-venture to combine their technologies into an end-to-end algae cultivation, harvesting and extraction system.

BARD, a rapidly emerging leader in clean technology has developed the BA 1000, a patent-pending modular system of Photo BioReactors (PBRs) to cultivate algae at commercial scale. “BARD’s strategic co-venture with the publically-traded OriginOil makes it possible for us to supply much needed algae-based products to global markets upon demand,” said BARD CEO, Surajit Khanna.

OriginOil is a pioneering developer of algae-to-energy systems and systems integration. “OriginOil’s harvesting and extraction technology coupled with BARD’s commercial algae production complete the end to end solution,” said Riggs Eckelberry, CEO of OriginOil.

The two CEOs formalized the agreement last week while both were invited speakers at the European Algae Biomass Conference 2011, held in London, UK.

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