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Solix BioSystems introduces 4,000 liter outdoor algae growth system 1

Solix BioSystems introduces 4,000 liter outdoor algae growth system

29 March 2011

Solix BioSystems (formerly Solix Biofuels) announced the availability for sale of the Lumian AGS4000, a 4,000 liter integrated Algae Growth System (AGS) that provides an outdoor growth environment for the evaluation of algal species or as a source of clean culture inoculum for larger growth systems.

Solix earlier secured an excess of $16 million from inside investors as the first part of its Series B financing round. The new funding is to drive the commercialization of the AGS. Bohemian Ventures, The Southern Ute Alternative Energy Fund and I2BF Global Ventures all participated in this financing. In conjunction with the financing, Solix changed its name to Solix BioSystems.

The Lumian AGS4000 utilizes Solix’s proprietary floating photobioreactor panels (Lumian panels).

In our AGS in Ft. Collins, Co., we have been able to continuously grow algae for 3 years now with no production failures and with peak growth rates of more than 3000 gallons of lipids per acre per year ( > 29,000 liters per hectare per year). —Joel Butler, Solix’s CEO

Solix’s Lumian AGS4000 includes:

  • A thermal basin with 20 Lumian panels plus inoculum expansion lane and includes a dual header delivery systems for separate CO2 delivery to two independent sets of Lumian panels as well as the inoculum panels;
  • A complete integrated, compact support system for media preparation, harvest, reinjection and system cleaning;
  • A control system for programmable sparge gas timing, automated pH management and alarm notifications.

Customers can also opt for heating and cooling capabilities, dewatering and weather protection options. The equipment trailer can support up to six basins, if desired. Solix is willing to work with customers interested in custom-sized cultivation solutions.

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  • Junzza wrote:
    Thu March 31 2011 06:12:30 AM

    how much will the Solix's Lumian AGS4000 cost? how much oil can be produced from one set of Solix's Lumian AGS4000?

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