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BARD Announces Commercial-Scale Algae Facility 25

BARD Announces Commercial-Scale Algae Facility

March 18, 2011

BARD Holding, Inc., a clean-tech algae production company based in Morrisville, PA, has announced its shift from research and development to the commercialization phase of their zero-waste photobioreactor-based production system.

“After nearly four years of experimentation and development, our technologies have demonstrated proven success and we are ready to focus on fast-track commercialization,” said BARD Chairman Surajit Khanna, PhD, JD. “We have independent validations of the especially high oil content in our algae, endorsement from the National Algae Association and are signing distribution deals with a variety of global partners.”

With the completion of its initial production facility in Morrisville, a suburb of Philadelphia and just across the Delaware River from Trenton, New Jersey, BARD is now in a rapid expansion mode. The company is focused on playing a leadership role in the global transition from petroleum-based fuels to alternative algae-based biofuels and other products.

Dr. Khanna met earlier this week with Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley, who said, “I am very excited for BARD’s progress and Governor Corbett and I are proud that BARD is helping our Commonwealth make an impact on energy independence. Pennsylvania is ready to serve as a global center for alternative energy development–and as a magnet for thousands of new green jobs.”

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