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Solazyme, Sephora and QVC Team for Launch of Algenist? Products

Solazyme, Sephora and QVC Team for Launch of Algenist™ Products

March 15, 2011

News at Solazyme is happening so fast it’s hard to keep important items from slipping through the cracks. On the heels of their announced $100 million IPO comes word of a major agreement with leading beauty retailer Sephora® and global multimedia retailer QVC® to launch Algenist™, Solazyme’s microalgae-based prestige anti-aging skincare line, in the U.S. and internationally.

Solazyme’s Algenist™ Skincare Line is the first to provide what the company describes as “the anti-aging breakthrough ingredient alguronic acid” and will launch in eight countries at Sephora and QVC in Spring 2011. Beginning in March 2011, Algenist will be available on QVC in the U.S. and in over 800 Sephora stores in seven countries throughout Europe and in the US before expanding to Asia and the Middle East. Sephora and QVC will align their powerful promotional efforts behind Algenist in what is being described as “an unprecedented launch.”

Solazyme’s biotechnology scientists unexpectedly discovered alguronic acid after studying thousands of microalgae strains for renewable energy solutions. According to Solazyme sources, when researched for potential anti-aging benefits, alguronic acid demonstrated significant rejuvenating properties.

“Sephora and QVC both have reputations for providing some of the most advanced skin care products in the world to consumers,” said Frederic Stoeckel, General Manager of Solazyme Health Sciences. “Since we share their commitment to delivering ground-breaking, high-value innovations, it was a natural step for us to team up.”

The line will launch with four initial product offerings featuring alguronic acid. The Algenist Concentrated Serum minimizes the look of wrinkles and boosts skin radiance. The Algenist Anti-Aging Moisturizer and Anti-Aging Moisturizer with SPF 20 nourish and moisturize skin, improve firmness, and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Lastly, the Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm firms skin while minimizing the appearance of fine lines around the eye area.

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