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The Massive Scale of Cleaning Coal

  Happy Friday!   In today's MoneyTV interview: about a million dollars in potential revenue to OriginOil from the one-hectare location being built this year at MBD Energy's first power plant site.   The Massive Scale of Cleaning Coal   Now hear this: long term, MBD plans to take each of the three sites to 1,600 hectares (about 5,000 acres). That multiplies this one site 4,800 times over.   Even allowing for cost efficiencies as we scale up, that is a very fine pipeline representing years of business for us.   This kind of money does make you sit up and pay attention! It signals that algae's biggest business TODAY is to absorb all that CO2 and make clean coal (and oil, and natural gas...)   As I said in Don's interview, algae turns from a cool future 'alternative' to a right-now player in mainstream energy. Because compared to burying all that CO2 underground, algae is cheaper, faster and more beneficial.    Algae's New Color is Black   In his State of the Union address Tuesday, President Obama called on clean coal and natural gas to help achieve a "clean energy standard" of 80 percent by 2035.   That's some heavy lifting. Many billions will be spent to 'clean' coal, and algae is the solution of choice. That's why algae's new color is... black.   Oh  and did you know that processing natural gas liberates large amounts of CO2? Again  algae to the rescue.   Yep, this is how those huge algae sites are going to get built. By helping to clean up fossil fuels.   And we're right in the middle of the largest effort yet!   Enjoy your weekend.     Riggs and team   Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginOil, Inc. (
OOIL)   Remember to link with me on Twitter (riggseck), and OriginOil too  
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