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Old coastal tanker wanted 1

I'm looking to source a sea-going (coastal) tanker for jury-rigging into both a collection point for raw algae, bio-oil extraction / processing plant and storage facility, and platform for an onboard algae - biofuel laboratory.

It will initially be located in the north end of Gulf of Mexico, so local source would possibly involve least relocation cost.

Tankage should be in the order 15 - 20 thousand tonnes, although greater capacity could suit by providing additional space for laboratories and crew / research staff / guest accommodation.

Must have at least 10 years left in hull; donk not important as it will have a pretty static role. Must be low priced!

Any leads to Hugh O'Connor - hugh@hibrasil.biz
Thu August 19 2010 07:43:39 AM by Swimtwobirds 1438 views

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