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How Algal Biofuels Lost a Decade in the Race to Replace Oil Posted by Srividhya on Fri February 04 2011 10:51:27 AM 1

A very good article on the development of algal biofuels sector. Read at

Algae fuel forecast for the decade Posted by Srividhya on Tue January 18 2011 11:31:22 AM 7

Algae biodiesel could soon be at par with oil in terms of
price if given adequate tax benefits. The Head of the Algal Biomass
Organization predicts that this would happen in the next seven years. The big
hurdle for the industry is strain identification. This would not be a problem
given the rapid advances in genetic and molecular screening techniques. The industry
is mature with 170-strong membership and would soon cross the nascent issues.
One more reason to smile for oilgae.