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Algae used for CCS can be source of low-radioactive foodstuff

Many of processes for algal biofuel production use fossil fuel carbon dioxide (CO2) to "feed" their photosynthetic algae, which as a side effect could help reduce global warming. But a potentially greater advantage from using fossil fuel CO2 to grow algae is that it can create a wide variety of safer, less radioactive foods that could reduce risks of cancer and even slow the aging process. Radioactive C-14 present in normal foodstuff cause thousands of genetic damages everyday.

This genetic damage may be an important factor in cancer and the aging process.  

But the carbon dioxide obtained from burning fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas at power plants, or from limestone in cement manufacturing, is virtually free of radiocarbon. It can be used to grow algae for making safer, less radioactive foods. 

As algae farming scales up to meet the demand for biofuels, this could result in the annual production of millions of tons of inexpensive protein.
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