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A powerplant owner, algae and healthier beef 2

The owner of an Oklahoma City power plant, Don van Pelt Smith has an idea to produce an algae feed product that will cut CO2 emissions from his plant and produce healthier beef.He plans to grow algae using CO2 emissions from his plant which can be used as feed at nearby cattle feedlots to produce meat with more omega-3 fats like docosahexaenoic acid, known as DHA and eicosapentaenoic acid, known as EPA. Smith is excited about the potential for his idea and its ability to balance the carbon cycle. One day he hopes to see algae farms built near all U.S. feed lots that are near power plants, making the formula a cost-effective way to create healthier beef. He said hes produced beef high in marbling that has more than eight times the normal amount of DHA and EPA.
But Smith is cautious
We need more studies on the flavor aspect of it, he said. If it ends up tasting really fishy, that would be a disadvantage.

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