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Meeting Biofuel Scientists at the National Biofuel Board Conference and Expo

Joanna Schroeder had the opportunity to hang out with some “Next Generation for Biofuels"There were 10 in attendance at this year’s conference and each had his own story on how he got into the biofuel sector. The 10 next gen biodiesel scientists met with various biodiesel mentors
during a luncheon where students and professionals alike shared their
ideas and visions for the future of biodiesel.
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Mon February 14 2011 07:13:18 AM by Srividhya 3 NBB conference  |  biofuel scientists

How Algal Biofuels Lost a Decade in the Race to Replace Oil

A very good article on the development of algal biofuels sector. Read at

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Dreams to make carbon dioxide reactive

'It's a chemist's dream to make CO react,' says Bayer
MaterialScience's Christoph Gürtler. 'This is obviously a difficult task
but, given the right catalyst and technical set-up, we believe it is
certainly feasible.' Gürtler heads a project called Dream Production,
constructing and commissioning a pilot plant in Leverkusen, Germany,
where Bayer is aiming to produce polyether polycarbonate polyols which is used to make polyurethane polymers.
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5th European Phycological Conference

5th European Phycological Congress is to be held from 4-9/9/2011at Rhodes Island, Greece.


Mon January 31 2011 12:15:14 PM by Srividhya phycology

Worl Biofuels Markets meet,2011

Over 250 biofuels thought leaders will share their experiences and
expertise on all aspects of the biofuels value chain during three days
of interactive conference sessions ( March 22-24) to be held in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Mon January 31 2011 12:10:49 PM by Srividhya biofuels market

19th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

The 19th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EU BC&E),
the leading platform for the world’s biomass specialists, will take
place in Berlin, Germany (Conference 6-10 June 2011 - Exhibition 6-9
June 2011). This event is hosting more than 800 presentations in
plenary, oral and visual sessions. The 18th European Biomass Conference
with 1,500 participants, experts and visitors from over 70 countries
took place in Lyon, France, in May 2010.

The 19th EU BC&E this year in Berlin receives institutional
support from BMU, the German Federal Ministry for the Environment,
Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, in the frame of the programme
'Research and Development for the Optimization of Energetic use of
Biomass' (www.energetische-biomassenutzung.de).
Mon January 31 2011 11:46:51 AM by Srividhya Biomass  |  conference alerts

Algae used for CCS can be source of low-radioactive foodstuff

Many of processes for algal biofuel production use fossil fuel carbon dioxide (CO2) to "feed" their photosynthetic algae, which as a side effect could help reduce global warming. But a potentially greater advantage from using fossil fuel CO2 to grow algae is that it can create a wide variety of safer, less radioactive foods that could reduce risks of cancer and even slow the aging process. Radioactive C-14 present in normal foodstuff cause thousands of genetic damages everyday.

This genetic damage may be an important factor in cancer and the aging process.  

But the carbon dioxide obtained from burning fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas at power plants, or from limestone in cement manufacturing, is virtually free of radiocarbon. It can be used to grow algae for making safer, less radioactive foods. 

As algae farming scales up to meet the demand for biofuels, this could result in the annual production of millions of tons of inexpensive protein.
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HR BioPetroleum buying Shell's shares in Cellana

HR BioPetroleum is buying Royal Dutch Shell's share in Cellana, an algae biofuels company on the Big Island, according to a statement released by HR BioPetroleum.HR BioPetroleum will be the sole owner of Cellana by the end of this month, including its 6-acre demonstration facility in Kona.
The amount of shares that Shell owns in the private company was not disclosed.
Fri January 28 2011 04:58:37 AM by Srividhya

A $3-million project has been launched in Karratha to produce renewable fuel from algae

Fri January 28 2011 04:54:40 AM by Srividhya

A powerplant owner, algae and healthier beef

The owner of an Oklahoma City power plant, Don van Pelt Smith has an idea to produce an
algae feed product that will cut CO2 emissions from his plant and
produce healthier beef.
He plans to grow algae using CO2 emissions from his plant which can be used as
feed at nearby cattle feedlots to produce meat with more omega-3 fats
like docosahexaenoic acid, known as DHA and eicosapentaenoic acid, known as EPA.
Smith is excited about the potential for his idea and its ability to
balance the carbon cycle.
One day he hopes to see algae farms built
near all U.S. feed lots that are near power plants, making the formula a
cost-effective way to create healthier beef. He said he’s produced beef
high in marbling that has more than eight times the normal amount of
DHA and EPA.
But Smith is cautious
“We need more studies on the flavor aspect of it,” he said. “If it ends up tasting really fishy, that would be a disadvantage.

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