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algae farm to shrimp growing 5

we would like to hear from people on this subject?
Thu April 15 2010 12:47:27 PM by Richardharley 1375 views

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  • Mahesh wrote:
    Thu April 15 2010 02:54:29 PM

    ya, why not?
    Sounds interesting !!!!!!!!1

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  • Tue April 20 2010 07:41:21 AM

    Is there any one with comments on growing shrimp in abioreactor from diotoms

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  • Algaelover wrote:
    Thu April 22 2010 06:54:59 AM

    i read about it in oilgae website , you can found a lot of information about this project on it

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  • JoeOrtiz wrote:
    Tue April 27 2010 02:57:57 AM

    Gary Wood from Desert Sweet Shrimp is the authority on shrimp farming. POC gary@desertsweetbiofuels.com

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  • Sittirae wrote:
    Sun May 09 2010 10:15:53 AM

    diatom is only needed by newly hatched shrimp. I think what is mostly needed is to mass culture diatom, concentrate it and store it which is latter to be used for the shrimp when needed.

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