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Students Get Involved in Biodiesel from Algae 7

The Merrimack Biodiesel Crew was established in the fall of 2006 by of Merrimack High School and the group continues as an after school, research based, science and engineering club.

The Merrimack Biodiesel Crew has been experimenting with algae, growing different types in flasks on a science lab windowsill.The crew is now majorly involved in the growing of Euglena Gracilis algae for use as bio-fuel.

Now, the crew hopes to expand its operation and host other environmentally friendly initiatives by building a greenhouse in the Merrimack High School courtyard. The crew has been named a finalist in a nationwide competition that could net it $15,000 if it gets enough online votes.

The crew members hope a greenhouse would allow them to expand their algae-growing operations and experiment with hydroponics (growing plants without soil) and other green practices.

Such an algae biofuel implementation at school level is a significant advancement to be welcomed!
Mon March 29 2010 12:49:09 PM by Preethi algae biofuel research  |  Merrimack school 1430 views

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  • Alagarsamy wrote:
    Mon March 29 2010 02:27:16 PM

    dear all
    I am happy and I bless youall to carry this research so that we seea green world and cleaan life..
    My sincere greetings

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  • Narsi wrote:
    Tue March 30 2010 03:49:36 AM

    Preethi - this gives me an idea - why don't we open a section for schools at Oilgae and ask schools that are doing any experiments with algae fuels/algae to submit their presentations/thesis? This will give the students a much needed exposure and motivation and act as an inspiration for other schools too!

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  • Preethi wrote:
    Tue March 30 2010 04:16:32 AM

    A good idea indeed! It'll also enhance the interactions among various schools working towards algae fuels.... Infact, the students can get suggestions from the pool of experts at the Oilgae club regarding their projects.

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  • RaviPrasad wrote:
    Fri April 09 2010 01:04:18 PM

    As a student i wil be really happy if such institution will come into existance where we can get exact knowledge how a tiny micro to macro algae can run the entire world without any ecological disturbance. I am very franckly accepting that the knowledge that i have regarding algae is theoritical one i dont have any practical knoeledge such as how to extract oilgae etc. So, establishment of such institution is going to provide us the practical knowledge that is the main thing for any kind of study.

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  • Karthic wrote:
    Wed May 19 2010 01:54:31 PM

    @ Narsi Sir and Preethi,
    Oilgae must have a section of their website where at least all the names (and links) of the research articles published in the field of biodiesel production is available in a chronological order.

    So that people who are interested in this area of research can find the latest updates immediately.

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Thu May 20 2010 03:20:52 AM

    I agree with Karthic !

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Thu May 20 2010 03:30:53 AM

    That is a great idea Narsi !

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