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Algae as a source of electricity 27

A recent interesting news in the algae energy domain is that few scientists from California and Korea have successfully generated electricity from algae.

The scientists claim to have stolen the electrons from a well-studied microalgae "Chlamydomonas reinhardtii".To extract energy from the algae, it is required to first essentially jump-start the cells by applying an over voltage, a tiny current of electricity that zaps the cell into action.

Sources say that the amount of current harvested does not exceed the amount of current necessary to jump start the algae into producing energy with ultimately no net gain in energy from the process.

The amount harvested is in fact far insufficient to power any consumer electrical device. Thus it would take millions of electrified algae to power a commercial device.

Though the process seems to be impractical at commercial level, it opens up new research opportunities to create a new and environmentally friendly way to generate electricity from algae.
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