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Students Get Involved in Biodiesel from Algae

The Merrimack Biodiesel Crew was established in the fall of 2006 by of Merrimack High School and the group continues as an after school, research based, science and engineering club.

The Merrimack Biodiesel Crew has been experimenting with algae, growing different types in flasks on a science lab windowsill.The crew is now majorly involved in the growing of Euglena Gracilis algae for use as bio-fuel.

Now, the crew hopes to expand its operation and host other environmentally friendly initiatives by building a greenhouse in the Merrimack High School courtyard. The crew has been named a finalist in a nationwide competition that could net it $15,000 if it gets enough online votes.

The crew members hope a greenhouse would allow them to expand their algae-growing operations and experiment with hydroponics (growing plants without soil) and other green practices.

Such an algae biofuel implementation at school level is a significant advancement to be welcomed!
Mon March 29 2010 12:49:09 PM by Preethi 7 algae biofuel research  |  Merrimack school

Algae as a source of electricity

A recent interesting news in the algae energy domain is that few scientists from California and Korea have successfully generated electricity from algae.

The scientists claim to have stolen the electrons from a well-studied microalgae "Chlamydomonas reinhardtii".To extract energy from the algae, it is required to first essentially jump-start the cells by applying an over voltage, a tiny current of electricity that zaps the cell into action.

Sources say that the amount of current harvested does not exceed the amount of current necessary to jump start the algae into producing energy with ultimately no net gain in energy from the process.

The amount harvested is in fact far insufficient to power any consumer electrical device. Thus it would take millions of electrified algae to power a commercial device.

Though the process seems to be impractical at commercial level, it opens up new research opportunities to create a new and environmentally friendly way to generate electricity from algae.
Mon March 29 2010 12:27:24 PM by Preethi 27 Algae electricity  |  algae energy  |  Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

OriginOil is Taking Initiative to Make Jet Fuel from algae

OriginOil, Inc. (OOIL), the developer of a breakthrough technology to transform algae into oil, has formed an industry working group to develop jet fuel from algae using waste streams.

The working group is co-sponsored by OriginOil and the non-profit consortium Electricore. The first industry partners are biodigester builder Biogas Energy and ionic technology developer Ceramatec.

As far as the technology is concerned, The first partners will provide some of the key technologies needed, such as anaerobic digestion and fuel cells. OriginOil's own Helix Bioreactor(TM) and Single Step Extraction(TM) systems provide a daily harvest of algae oil and biomass, which can be tailored to meet the ASTM standards for jet fuel.
Fri March 26 2010 04:47:24 AM by Preethi 1 OriginOil  |  algae jet fuel

Query: FFA content of algal oil

Hello friends,

Can someone tell me the FFA (Free Fatty Acid) content of algal oil in wt % ?
Wed March 24 2010 11:13:02 AM by Preethi 5 FFA  |  algal oil

Sustainable Biofuels Award

Coincidentally the forthcoming post is also about Solazyme.

Solazyme, Inc., an algae fuel company took home the number one position in the Sustainable Biofuels Technology category at the 2nd Annual Sustainable Biofuels Awards.The award was announced on March 16 2010 in Amsterdam at the World Biofuels Markets conference.

Taken into consideration were sustainability benefits as measured by GHG savings, environmental impact and further societal benefits from each nomination's operational or technological advances. Solazyme's technology shows exponential benefits over petroleum in all of these categories.
Thu March 18 2010 04:52:30 AM by Preethi solazyme  |  award  |  sustainable biofuels

Algae in soaps

The momentum for algae development is stronger than ever. Last year, Solazyme, the algae fuel developer used algae-derived polysaccharides as anti-aging skin care ingredient. This year,in addition to working towards algae oil commercialization for use in vehicles including jets, it has signed deal with Unilever to develop algae for soaps. Since palm oil is being targeted by environmentalists, Unilever might as well show bias towards algal oil for personal care products. This event depicts the potential of algae to produce range of products from fuel to food to chemicals and cosmetics.
Mon March 15 2010 09:05:33 AM by Preethi unique product from algae  |  solazyme and unilever  |  algae soaps