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Database for Algae Species 35

If we analyze the complete value chain of algae fuels, the success of the entire process depends on the first step - selecting the right strain. Choosing a single strain out of 30,000 species is not an easy job. Choosing a single strain of algae includes isolation of algae, culturing at lab-scale, screening and identifying the genus and species, and so on. Knowing the importance of strain selection, I set out to research about the databases available for algae. I came across the following databases on algae:

* The ANSP Algae Image Database - This database contains multiple images of diatoms and other algae. The images were made by ANSP Patrick Center Phycology Section staff as part of their routine analysis of algal samples.

URL - http://diatom.acnatsci.org/AlgaeImage/

* AlgaeBase - It is a database of information on terrestrial, marine and freshwater algae. At present, the data for the marine algae, particularly seaweeds, are the most complete.

URL - www.algaebase.org

* The Hawaiian Algal Database - It is a digital repository for Hawaiian algal samples. Users can make use of the online search tool to view and download specimen photographs and micrographs, DNA sequences and relevant habitat data, including geo-referenced collection locations.

URL - http://algae.manoa.hawaii.edu webcite.

I am sure that there are more similar databases and I will try to update this post after some more research. These databases can be effectively used for the first-level identification based on the morphology.
Wed April 07 2010 03:36:30 AM by Parkavi 4312 views

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  • Narsi wrote:
    Wed April 07 2010 04:47:49 AM

    Useful stuff, Parkavi. Will you be kind enough to add any other databases that you can identify on the web?


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  • Mahesh wrote:
    Wed April 07 2010 11:11:02 AM

    Great help for students :)

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