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Microalgae Biofixation Network 3

When I was browsing through IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme website (http://www.co2captureandstorage.info/networks/Biofixation.htm), I came to know that the organization has a separate wing for Microalgae-based carbon capture: International Network on Biofixation of CO2 and Greenhouse Gas Abatement with Microalgae.

The Microalgae Biofixation Network was started in June 2002. The Microalgae Biofixation Network provides a structure and mechanism by which expertise can be shared, critical mass reached and research projects co-ordinated to help focus R&D efforts on the most promising approaches towards practical applications.
The objective of the Microalgae Biofixation Network is to promote the research and development of microalgae-based greenhouse gas abatement technologies over a ten year time horizon. These objectives will be accomplished through:

## Information sharing and co-ordination of R&D projects carried out by Network members
## Development of bi- and/or multi-lateral R&D projects among members
## Technical assistance provided by technical advisers in the evaluation of proposed processes and R&D projects
## Supporting techno-economic analysis and resource assessments
## Organisation of technical meetings and technical resources
## Develop a periodic updating of a 'Roadmap' that details feasible processes and R&D approaches

A study conducted by biofixation network evaluated the applications and potential contributions, on a regional and global scale, of microalgae biofixation processes mainly in conjunction with the treatment of municipal and agricultural wastewater. This report can be obtained by sending an e-mail with the company's name and address to Dr. John Benemann, The Biofixation Chairman @ JBenemann@aol.com.

This report was carried out by TNO for the International Network on Biofixation of CO2 and Greenhouse Gas Abatement with Microalgae and was sponsored by EniTecnologie S.p.A., the R&D arm of the Italian oil & gas company Eni. It is intended as a strategic tool for R&D personnel and managers, policy makers, and others who are interested in evaluating the various technology options, including biological, for GHG abatement as well as related environmental and sustainability issues.

I will send a request mail right away for the report, and will update the status soon.
Sat April 03 2010 04:12:16 AM by Parkavi Algae-Carbon-Capture 2463 views

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  • Narsi wrote:
    Sun April 04 2010 07:02:32 AM

    Exceptional stuff.

    Went through the link, and found the following papers published by the members of the network: http://www.co2captureandstorage.info/networks/biofixation_papers.htm

    It might be a good idea to invite all the members of the network to use this club to share and network with others. We all can learn a lot from these experts

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  • Narsi wrote:
    Sun April 04 2010 07:03:27 AM

    The contacts for the Network, as published on the web page, are:


    John Benemann, Network Manager, USA, jbenemann@aol.com

    F. Blaine Metting, Network Chair, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA, blaine.metting@pnl.gov

    Paola Maria Pedroni, Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee, EniTecnologie S.p.A., Italy, paola.pedroni@eni.it

    Toby Aiken (toby@ieaghg.org) Project Officer IEA GHG

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