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National Algae Association's Scholarship Program 12

The National Algae Association is highly committed to the development of algae fuel technology. NAA is trying hard to move the industry from lab-scale to commercial-scale.

As a part of NAA's mission, it has introduced a Scholarship Program. The Scholarship Program will be funded by donations which will make table-top areas available for conference attendees to distribute their printed materials.

The Scholarship Program is also providing scholarships to students enrolled in a certificate or degree granting program specializing in the advancement of algae as an alternative fuel.

The applicants are required to submit a completed application form, high-school transcripts and SAT scores or GPA, along with evidence of enrollment, a personal statement for consideration, and a commitment to update NAA on how he/she benefited from the funds. The Selection Committee will evaluate factors such as academic achievement as well as commitment to the mission of fast-tracking algae as an alternative fuel. NAA will use their efforts to dispense the funds throughout the year to worthy applicants for tuition, books and lab fees.

URL: http://www.nationalalgaeassociation.com/scholarship.html
Sat April 03 2010 03:15:08 AM by Parkavi Algae-Fuel-Funding 1733 views

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  • Narsi wrote:
    Sat April 03 2010 03:27:35 AM

    Very nice idea. Am only wondering if the donations from the stated methods will be enough to fund many students. It's a worthwhile idea to be tried out, all the same...

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  • Mon April 05 2010 08:36:47 AM

    State of the arts on ; Bioreactors, harvesting and processors is www.algalsolution.com

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  • Parkavi wrote:
    Thu April 08 2010 03:54:09 AM

    Thanks for the link.
    I learnt from the site that that successful oil yielding strain, innovative cultivation techniques and harvesting techniques can be registered for Euro 1,00,00 prize. Is it possible to provide more inputs about the contest?

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  • RaviPrasad wrote:
    Fri April 09 2010 04:52:45 AM

    yes there is no doubt it is going to incourage students, myself a student of M.Sc. 4th semester Botany is filling pleasant because i have seen some of my friends with sharp brain n clear cut knowledge but they have to quit from their study only because of money factor. So this is going to help them. Thanyou NAA

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